How To Recover From Relationship Meltdown After Your Breakup

Melting down means experiencing exhaustion, the motivation dwindles, a loss of interest in something you were once completely engaged in. These meltdowns are usually associated with working environments, but can extend into relationships as well.

Who ever said other than romance novels, we need to be with the same person forever. Irreconcilable differences invariably occurs.

Our fuses burn at different rates, such as attitudes and ambitions, and if there’s no longer a common ground of compatibility, why bother.

Why then bother with the pain or the boredom of clinging on …

How To Recover From A Breakup Before The Love Can Return

Once a relationship ends and the sunshine fades, life can become bleak. So how to mend a broken heart and move on to better things. To progress, to eventually find someone new where love can bloom again.

Love happens once someone dares to expose their soul to another person, the vulnerability. This love, this once developing relationship then gets shattered after a breakup, as hopelessness sets in.

That amazing heart pounding feeling of being, suddenly empties as the butterflies fly away.Then the soul spirals into a dark abyss, as the …

Is It The Anger And The Suffering Why You Won’t Let Your Ex Go

to get over angerThis is engrained into your mindset, an angst which keeps you isolated, this rage, the turmoil that you feel long after you’ve separated from your partner. Since you feel this betrayal by someone that you’ve once loved, relied on their trust, now you feel afraid.

You’re frightened because of your uncertainty. As the years, then at times the decades roll by, you still remain reluctant to let go. You resist moving forward, not because you don’t want to detach yourself from that person, but because you choose to suffer.

But …

Why You Need To Mend A Broken Heart Before The Love Can Return

there's always tommorowOnce a relationship ends the sunshine goes. Things look bleak. So you want to mend a broken heart and move on to better things, progress. It can and does happen to everyone, those who dare to expose their soul to someone, to love, to develop a relationship.

That amazing heart pounding feeling of being, suddenly empties once it ends, spiraling into a dark hole, it halts to a stop. Our once loved one leaves us, we leave, regardless, we’re left with just the fragments, the bad memories, collecting the pieces …