Avoid The Frenzy Panic By Avoiding The Holiday Shopping Traps

looking for bargainsIt’s here, the home stretch, we’re entering the biggest most lucrative shopping season for retailers, and a paradise for bargain hunters. Regardless of how much you shop or how much you enjoy it, like everyone else, most will begin the New Year with a large credit card bill and unwanted products.

There’s just too many price promotions, bargains, and we all get swallowed up in the joy of the buying frenzy. So whether it’s the wrong product, the wrong gift, we all just become consumed and begin spending money at …

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Learning How To Save Money By Starting A Savings Plan

womansavingmoneyinherpiggybankWhat we do when we’re tempted to buy something while at the store is we’ll mentally balance the desire to buy that brand new shiny object, and then think how much it costs. Looking at something that we’re wanting to purchase activates our “want system,” which makes buying that item make us feel better.

But, Mick Jagger screams out, “You can’t always get what you want.” What we’ll react to is the price tag which makes us feel pain and then guilt, especially if we can’t really afford it. The …

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