How Stress Alters The Chemicals In The Brain

This is stress. That harsh rapid pounding thump that feels like a freight train running through your head. Your mind throbs, as that industrial vise like clamping pressure bears down. It’s known to damage how the brain properly functions.

It’s known that to maintain a healthy brain, to keep its structure connected and flowing, this stress level needs to be reduced.

What’s known for certain is that children and young adults, who are exposed to constant stress early in their lives, are more prone to having mental health issues, than …

How The Constant Pressure Of Stress Influences Our Brain

howstressaffectsourbrainThat rapid pounding that you hear in your brain, that constant industrial vise like pressure that you feel is known to damage the function of our brains. It’s found that to maintain a healthy brain structure along with connectivity, the easy cure is to just reduce stress.

Researchers in neuroscience has found that children and young adults who are exposed to chronic stress early in their lives, are prone to more mental health issues such as mood disorders and anxiety later in their lives, which also includes difficulty learning.

It’s …