Reasons The Dating Process Should Be Treated Like A Probation

when first dating someoneWhat the probation period does is allows you to discover without committing. It’s a proven way to test drive an employee for compatibility. If they have the right attitude and aptitude for the job. This is how dating should be as well. Testing someone out much like an internship, before plunging in and committing.

The problem when it comes to dating is that most aren’t patient enough, as what they often lack is a logical mindset that’s curious, this to determine if the individual fits or not. There should be …

Always Remember You Love The Person You Are Fighting With

getting over a fightIn your current relationship, what is the tipping point when it comes to incompatibility. Do you fight or argue 50% percent of your time together, is it 40/60, 60/40 or worse. What fights between couples exposes and reveals are the ugly side of ones personality.

This is when we’re at our most vulnerable, anxiety stricken panicky hateful self. There’s nothing that creates a divide, nothing else that can open an abyss of madness and confusion, like going a few rounds in a stalemate fight, finding a truce among lovers.

We …