The 7 Levels Of Soul Development In The Circle Of Life

This isn’t based on how old you are in human years, when or where you were born. It doesn’t matter if you are the oldest or the youngest sibling. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. It’s more about what stage your universal soul is currently at.

It’s a measurement, where the destination where any human ultimately wants to reach is as an old soul. A level of transcendence.

This follows the same basic life stage process, as any organism would on earth, such as plants, insects and animals. They all follow the same path on how they evolve through its lifespan.

An organism which begins life as an infant, then progresses itself into the various stages of youth towards becoming an adult. All while maturing into the various stages of development.

At each level, what the soul has are identifying markers and characteristics which carries both positive and negative qualities.

The key becomes knowing the stage of your own soul based on the following traits, knowing exactly where you are in your evolution.

When we are born, we’re placed on a certain level of soul evolution. For instance, say you were born into Level 3.

What’s then required is you completing all the attributes of Level 3 during your lifetime, before you can evolve into Level 4, on your journey towards transcendence.

Level #1 – The Adult Living In An Infant Mindset

This first level is your initial birth, and the very first time your soul experiences the world. As children growing into adults, you remain in this state until you grow old and eventually pass.

Your entire life, why you are here and what the world is, doesn’t make any sense to you whatsoever. Your entire existence is a brain fog.

You remain immature your entire life, as everything feels new, without any recollection of previous lives.

Those who finds themselves at this stage of life, have no idea who they are. They feel completely overwhelmed, have a low threshold for things they don’t understand, which is everything.

Every effort fails, everything they do appears to work out exactly the opposite to how they planned it.

This infancy stage is the most difficult. This level is a prerequisite however, to understanding the intricacies of life.

It feels nothing will ever work out for you. This stage is your opportunity, to begin laying the groundwork for your next levels of life.

You grow up and spend your entire life in a childlike state, as you throw temper tantrums as an adult if you don’t get what you want.

You’re demanding, you get hurt easily and have low self-esteem and confidence issues. Adults at this level can be arrogant, angry, and not liked that much by others.

Level #2 – The Learner Stage

The learner stage, is the second level a soul of a person undergoes. You’re no longer new to this world, and understand yourself better. You spend this life, learning things.

Your entire life is spent trying to understand yourself and people, their emotions, and tangible things. You become an avid listener.

Most of your adult life is spent learning new things, how people think, how and why they act. These are the characteristics of the second level of life.

You learn about others, you learn about yourself, your likes and dislikes. You can be quiet and timid, fearful and overwhelmed by the world, yet remain arrogant.

You begin to understand who you are, what your destiny and potential is, why you act a certain way you do.

At this state you’re a bystander, you’re not looking for success yet, as your life is spent learning and preparing yourself for the next level. The majority of people reside here on the second level.

Level #3 – You Explore Yourself And The World

The third level sets you up for a life of exploration and adventure. Your soul now has an understanding of what you should expect from your life. This includes the things you want to discover, which gives you the hunger to explore them.

You find yourself attracted to a variety of new ideas, thoughts, and destinations. What you have is an insatiable thirst, to find your place in the big world out there.

You’re starting to understand what you want, what your destiny may be, but you’re caught in perpetual limbo.

So as adults, you plan a life of wonder and wander. You wonder, wish and yearn for places to go in the world, this to feed your soul, as there’s plenty to see and do, yet there’s so little time.

Your heart and soul longs to find new experiences, this by traveling the world. What you’re utilizing are the lessons learned from your previous life, much like deju-vu.

This is an exciting stage of life for you as an adult, as there’s the constant curiosity of a child within, that’s viewed in a mature way.

Level #4 – You Find Unconditional Love In Life

What the fourth level brings you, is true eternal love. Your soul now knows exactly what its destiny is, what it wants, this from exploring and learning from the past.

You’re now ready to incorporate a soulmate into your life. This in yourself and others. True love as you’ve imagined it, will come to you at this level of life.

You know who you are, so you understand who you can love, and will love you back unconditionally.

If you fall in love with someone who’s at a different level of their life than you, there will be disappointment, boredom, and heartbreak.

You’ve been content with your life so far, being on your own to this point, except for experiencing the love of someone.

What you’ll meet is a true soulmate to grow you further, which has been absent up to now. These are the signs of the fourth level.

You now know the type of person your ideal partner should be. This person is also at a similar intersection in their life, and has been longing to meet you as well.

Once you do meet one other, you’ll know immediately as your eyes and souls lock. Once you find this person, they’ll come into your life and will stay awhile.

Level #5 – You Begin To Experience Success

In the previous levels, you’ve learned about yourself and what you want in life. You have found a love, that is compatible and comfortable for you.

So what you’re now gearing your life towards, is putting all of this knowledge and experience for material purposes.

You’re born into this level, with a soul that’s prepared to achieve tangible goods. Everything your previous lives has taught you, now falls into place.

Your evolving life will now begin to manifest your way, exactly how you dreamed they would. You are becoming a complete person.

If you feel you’re knocking on the door of success, as you feel excited yet anxious, that any day now, all the recognition you deserve will come your way.

What you’ve reached is the fifth level. It’s now just a matter of time, before success and abundance enters your life.

This level however, you remain selfish and shortsighted. For those of you who finds success, are still in the “me, myself, and I” mindset.

You don’t have consideration for the needs of others. You show no gratitude. So you don’t bother to spread your wealth and share it, as you remain self-centered.

Level #6 – You Want To Give Back With Total Gratitude

The sixth level, urges you to give back to the world, all you’ve learned and achieved in your previous accomplishments.

It makes you want to contribute, help others who remain in limbo, and support them. You develop empathy and gratitude, as you understand their needs and hurts.

You have the need to do things for others. You find yourself going out of your way, this to make sure they’re comfortable and accommodated.

You’ve already accomplished much in your life, so you want to help those in need, as you’ve reached this appreciation level of your life.

You are born into a soul that’s ready to serve and give, as it’s received abundance from others in the past.

This level of life, you spend your time teaching, volunteering, entertaining, as you have a genuine feeling of true selflessness. You gain satisfaction from giving.

Level #7 – You Begin To Transcend

The seventh and final level, will lead you to transcend your soul beyond human consciousness. It’s a place beyond trivialities, and all the mundane issues life presents.

You now look beyond the everyday concerns of the world, as you pursue things far greater than yourself.

You now have a greater calling for you, as you feel detached from the daily regularities of life. What you now despise is the day to day drama, the hate and the selfishness.

You’ve reached the final level of the human soul chain, as you feel deep and enriched. You feel saintly, and no longer have the patience for the frugality’s of the world.

What you’ve now developed is a thirst for divine knowledge of the world, and that’s all you feel like pursuing.

You seek peace and isolation at this stage of life, as you would rather be alone. You’re ready for transcendence.

Once you pass on from this final level, what your soul becomes is one with the universe. You become wise, loved and eternal.

The Reason Why You’re Not Successful In Life

Everyone of us fits somewhere in one of these stages. Some of us might be on the cusp of entering the next level. Others think they are better than they actually are.

What’s for certain, is if you do not accomplish all of the attributes assigned to the current stage you’re in, you will not be happy.

For instance, if your life is currently at Level 2, the learning stage, and you peruse the love of your life or are wanting to get rich. You will fail.

The reason for this, is because these characteristics are further advanced levels of pursuit.

So you may go through countless relationships, marriages and divorces, as your soul isn’t ready for a soulmate. If your dream is to get rich, you can try as you might, but will fail.

If you do happen to strike it rich, you will quickly lose it, be absolutely miserable or soon become bankrupt. You know you don’t deserve the money you earned, so you hoard.

You need to know exactly what stage your soul is at and comply to those rules, otherwise you will not be happy or become successful.

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