The Benefits Of Cardiovascular Training

womanjoggingOkay, today’s the day, the day you’ll finally start getting healthy and fit because after all, it is your own body. It’s the right thing to do. That body of yours is your most valuable asset that you have. Its important to take good care of it. Give it the proper treatment and attention it deserves. When it comes down to maintaining the health of your body, the best option is to do cardiovascular training.

What And Why Cardio Training?
Cardio training involves any exercise activity that requires using the largest muscle groups of the body, in an uninterrupted and regular manner. The activity should elevate the heart rate between 60 to 85% percent of your highest possible heart rate, based on age, weight and body type.

Some of the most common and easiest cardio training activities you can begin with are: walking, jogging and running, aerobic exercise, cycling, swimming and rowing. Cardio training itself is considered an aerobic exercise, as you are required to move non-stop from one exercise to another.

The Benefits of Cardio Training

1. Doing Cardio Will Give You Instant Energy
You can expect increased energy and feel higher endurance immediately after doing any type of cardio training.
2. Cardio Helps Prevents Disease
One of the greatest benefits is the prevention of heart diseases with regular cardio training. It also prevents other common diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Cardio vascular training will strengthen the heart as well as the lungs.
3. Cardio Controls Your Target Weight
During cardio training, you will be able to burn off calories. This will help you if you need to lose weight. If you feel you have already reached your ideal body weight mass, the cardio training will help in maintaining and control the weight.

The greatest benefit of the perpetual motion by cardio training is that it helps in burning off those accumulated calories. It’s best however to consult with your doctor or health practitioner to know the exact and proper type of training that you should be doing for your particular body type and level of fitness.
4. Lose That Unwanted Body Fat
Some do not have any issues with their body weight. However, there are always a bit of excess fat that’s always tucked away somewhere. A good cardio training program will help in getting rid of and maintaining that excess. The activities that involves the movement of your largest muscle groups will flush out that fat. Regularly cardio and a good diet will guarantee that you will be leaner.
5. Get Rid Of The Blahs and Boredom
Cardio training is fun as it is often in a group setting with others attempting the same goals. The addition energy will uplift your mood and spirits while pumping up your system. You will definitely feel a lot more happier as you are doing good for your body both physically and mentally.

Recommended Benefits Of Cardio Training
A consistent cardio training routine is essential when you need to make improvements in your health.

So to begin:
It’s recommended that you initially begin with a light 30 to 45 minute set of exercises, up to 3 to 5 days a week. If your wanting to lose weight, the training should be done 5 days a week. The more frequent the cardio exercise, the easier, funner and routine it will become as that weight begins to fall off. However, you should avoid exhausting yourself out too much when you exercise as it may have a counter effect. So initially avoid going beyond 30 minutes. Also remember to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of clear crisp fresh water.

So Start Now
Right now! The easiest and a free way is to go outside and walk or ride your bike around the block, or around your neighborhood park. Make it a routine and make it an appointment to do this everyday. Build it in your life to make it a habit. Set an achievable goal and then follow that goal. Also at the same time, properly modify your diet as well. Start eating healthier food.

As you begin to increase the fitness level, the intensity of the cardio training should be increased as well. You can easily implement this by intensifying and adding variety to the training. If you enjoyed running when you were in school, then begin a light jogging program. Then start increasing your speed every 5 minutes for a minute or two. It’s important that you always challenge yourself.

Some Things You Shouldn’t Do
Always avoid doing any type of cardio exercise right before bedtime. You’ll have a difficult time trying to fall a sleep as the energy level of the exercise will remain in your body for sometime.

If you’re doing weight training as well, then you should be doing the cardio exercises immediately after and not before the weight lifting.

It is best to have a light healthy snack approximately 30 minutes before starting the cardio exercises, unless it’s excessive cardio such as running or swimming. Try to avoid doing any training on an empty stomach. The food will help in giving you energy and will feed and replenish your muscles quicker. Also, a light snack will avoid you in indulging in a large meal after exercising. Just give your body the proper energy supply it needs to sustain and re-energize the exhausting movements.

It’s always best to do the cardio exercises outdoors if possible, rather than a stuffy gym. This way you can interact with nature and breathe in pure fresh oxygen.

The most important step in your journey is to be consistent and sticking with the training plan once you have started. This is the only known way that cardio training will benefit you and your body, providing better health in the long run.

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