The Health Benefits Of Natural Vitamin D From The Sun

getting vitamin d from the sunAlmost everyone without a doubt enjoys the hot sunny days of summer, just basking in the sun at the beach or near poolside. This is one of the greatest pleasures provided that all precautions are observed. It’s a joy to just soak in pure sunshine and how it makes us feel while improving our health.

Experts however continuously warn that moderation is the key, warning that too much direct rays can be a hazard to our skin, while too little of it can also become a detriment as well.

There’s research which supports that close to 80% percent of the population are deficient in vitamin D, the primary derivative from the sun. The main reason for this being that they’re simply not getting enough sunshine.

This deficiency of vitamin D is known to be the cause of a variety of known health issues, so getting the adequate amounts become extremely essential for your overall general health.

The Benefits Of Natural Vitamin D
Sunshine Is Good For Your Heart – It’s known that vitamin D is essential for keeping your heart as healthy as possible. It’s deficiency has now been directly linked to potentially fatal cardiovascular events such as heart failure.

There are currently ongoing studies which suggest that the lack of vitamin D contributes towards other heart disease issues along with the health of the overall circulatory system.

Decreases The Chances Of Overall Illness – One of the main fears that people have, especially those with fair skin, is to avoid natural sunlight because of they getting melanoma.


It’s found however that insufficient levels of vitamin D because of not enough sun has been linked towards other forms of major illnesses. The latest research studies suggest that those who don’t get their regular dose of sun are more than likely to develop prostate related illnesses because of vitamin D deficiency.

Improves Metabolism Levels – The lack of vitamin D in the body has now been linked to the ever increasing obesity rate. Vitamin D which is a hormone is responsible for healthier metabolic function.

This deficiency can lead towards more storage of fat in the body which results in more permanent weight gain. So just lying out in the sun for a while on a daily basis, working on your tan, helps in maintaining your weight.

Makes Your Immune System Stronger – Since vitamin D is known to effectively reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases, it’s also known to help the immune system fight off most infections as well.

There’s research which supports that adults with a deficiency in sun derived vitamin D had more infections than those who had normal levels of sun. So it becomes vital to get sunlight, this to prevent simple minor cuts from getting infected.

Prevents Kidney Disease – Kidney disease is one of the most common diseases which has been singled out because of a deficiency of vitamin D. It’s been discovered that getting just the adequate amounts of vitamin D can help.

So if you do happen to have kidney disease, know that vitamin D is becoming a popular and easy treatment option for many.

Makes Bones Stronger – Maintaining the proper levels of vitamin D has proven to improve the level of one’s musculoskeletal health in both teenagers as well as adults.

When it’s supplemented with calcium, vitamin D can also improve bone density issues especially in women. Adequate amounts may also be able to prevent any future age related injuries because of bone mass density issues.

Improves One’s Dental Health – Getting the proper amount of daily sunshine is proving that it can maintain the health of our teeth and gums.


A recent study has found that patients who either didn’t take vitamin D supplements, or deprived themselves from adequate sun exposure, lowered their chances of getting periodontal disease.

Gives You More Energy So You Can Train Better – If you’re accustomed to doing active cardio activities such as running, or any other type of physical exertion, getting the prescribed levels of vitamin D may be the key if you’re wanting to reach your goals.

Experts in sports nutrition have suggested that vitamin D plays an extremely important role when it comes to cell regeneration. If you happen to have lower levels of vitamin D, then your body will take longer to recuperate after an intense workout.

So the best solution is on a nice sunny summer day, go for a run, walk, or a bike ride outdoors, or join a fitness or yoga class at the local park to get your daily vitamin D while simultaneously staying in shape.

The Best Ways To Get Vitamin D
The UV rays of the sun is what creates and contributes to the production of natural vitamin D on your skin and into your body. The highest most potent levels being during the afternoon hours.

So head outdoors for 15 minutes or so, which is the usual recommended amount of time, to get your daily dosage of vitamin D from the sun. It’s generally considered safe to be outdoors without sunscreen or covering yourself up for this amount of time, this depending on your skin type.

Although it’s known that exposure to natural sunlight exposure is the best possible way of absorbing this vitamin, but if you live in areas where the sun isn’t frequent, or you can’t get outdoors, then you may want to discuss with your health practitioner about taking vitamin D supplements.

The Benefits Derived From Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the one essential nutrient which you can get from natural sunlight. Once you get your daily dosage, what you’re doing is preventing a whole host of illnesses, including bone loss and a healthier heart.


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