The Need To Think Big To Manifest Your Dreams And Wishes

What many will often ponder by accident or intention, is wonder where their life is headed. This moment of mindfulness, is when they wonder what happened to their hopes and dreams as they’re not coming true. Many enter this state of wonder, feeling limited then become exhausted.

What’s often concluded, is it may be time for them to take action and do something. The first thing that needs to be realized, is miracles can and do happen.

The proof is when you were a child, and the things you wished for, at times manifested and came true. So it’s time to reach out and start believing in these wishes again.

Begin by making a list, so you’ll know exactly what you want in your life. Make sure you ask big, and reach for the top. Go for infinity and limitlessness.

Prove to yourself your life is in action, through the process of releasing your thoughts, then magic can happen. Some of your wishes will then be fulfilled, with the opportunities the universe can bring you.

By daring to think big, what you’re doing is reaching for what you ultimately want. You’ve taken the courage to reach out, and release your demands.

You also need to remind yourself to manifest at every opportunity during the day.

Stretching Out Your Vision

Realize once you think of something you don’t want, you’re manifesting that as well. By default, what we do is react negatively to everything.

If you’re looking to reach your potential, you need to think positive thoughts, as what’s definite is you get what you ask for.

What you’re doing during this process is manifesting what you want, and wishing for your fondest dreams through visualization.

You’re sending out signals to the universe, for what you want in your life to be created.

Choose What You Want

This is similar to you deciding to go shopping for a new trendy wardrobe at the clothing store.

What you’ll first do is pick a particular clothing store, one that’s aligned with your style and taste, and not what necessarily fits your budget.

What you need is to stretch and expand the perception of yourself. Realize the way you see yourself, and the way others see you are completely different.

Once your higher self kicks into action, what you won’t do is focus on a limited thought pattern. What you’ll do instead is start asking for the best.

If you’re wondering what’s the best for you, put a signal out into the universe and ask. “What’s the best for me?” Do so while mediating or during quiet moments.


Go Big Think Big

Everything you want is available to you, so think big, as all you need is to ask for it.

Doing so might at times be a difficult process, but realize it’s the most important and critical thing you can do, and it’s free.

If you don’t think big, then what you can’t do is expand your life to the next level.

Focus on the areas of your life, where you know you need to grow, because you’re tired of the place you’re currently at.

Take the time to write everything down, while exploring what your reality is, and what your desires and options are.

Once you go out and ask for the best or the highest, what will be returned back is the same best or the highest.

Once you state and write down the form it’ll take, and any attachments you want in the outcome, it becomes important to practice expanding this vision.

Write Down Your Dreams

Once you write down your dreams on paper, you’re making a contract that you want exactly what you ask for. Since it’s now documented, there’s also a blueprint.

If there’s conflict or resistance, if a portion of the dream isn’t manifesting, it’s because you’re not allowing it to.

So make it a choice, to allow yourself to receive all of the abundance from the universe you ask for and deserve.

Allow yourself to receive the energy that is true unconditional love, without fear. Allow yourself to receive the energy that heals.

The Universe Delivers

What the universe does is delivers what you ask for every time, and all you need is to ask.

This is similar to ordering something off a menu in a restaurant. What you order, is exactly what will be brought to you.

Similar to ordering what you want to eat, order what’s exquisite and delightful to your palate, and not what’s the cheapest. Don’t skimp.

If you just order bread and water, that’s what will be brought to you. So order the best, go big, and that’s what you’ll receive.

Ask And You Will Receive

If you don’t ask the universe for what you want, you’re not expanding yourself to the next level of your consciousness. Also, don’t ask for too little.

Dare to acknowledge what your deepest dreams and desires are, and then demand you want them. Challenge yourself to go big, and then ready yourself to receive it.

Expect miracles to happen in your life. Remain open, and receive what the universe has to deliver.

Begin by exploring places in your life, where you want to expand, but haven’t dared to ask.

Then affirm to the universe, this through visualization, you’re requesting and ready to receive what you wish. Keep track of what’s received, and when you get it.

Relax And Remain Happy

The more you relax and enjoy your life, the quicker you will get what you want. Over time, you’ll see the subtle ways on how this process performs for you.

You’ll appreciate all of the signs of this working, find joy in the ways things fall into place. This is how manifestation works.