The Tales Of Horror Of Adolescence: Are You A Man Or A Mouse

mouse or manKids can be so mean. Imagine being named Mickey and the closest association with that name is a mouse. Igor is a different story altogether. So begs the question, are you a man or a helpless mouse. This is the terror of a boy named Mickey when growing up.

The closest identifiable link to someone named Mickey, is a gigantic idiotic looking clown mouse. It’s also long been a measurement for men to compare themselves to other men. Are you a man or a mouse. If you’re not brave, if you run away, then you must be a mouse.

However, considering how some men are behaving these days, the expression can be viewed in a completely different way. In today’s world, it’s relevant to the species that is man, and actually not really fair to the mice community.

Are You A Mouse Or A Man
Think of how the poor mouse feels, long being the emblem of being scared, living in fear. Once spotted, the mouse will quickly dash away, absolutely petrified.

Sure the mouse will run for their life, but from their perspective, you outweigh them by 2000X times physically, as the little mouse looks up, way up, and you appear like a giant. Your size 10 shoes even looks huge.

You are to the mouse what a whale would look like to you. So it’s not fair to measure the bravery of a mouse because it quickly runs away from a gigantic beast.

Measure it more by it going for a piece of cheese that happens to be a trap, that’s hooked up to a barbaric death chamber, known as the mousetrap. That little cheddar looks inviting, the mouse wants it and goes for it. Slam.

The Making Of A Mouse
Most don’t even know how mice live. The ritual of reproduction. Does the mouse go out and look for a suitable girl mouse, or does he get scared and run away as well. Does the mouse squeak the right words during courtship.

What’s suspected is that there’s not a lot of hemming and hawing or social anxiety, and the mouse just goes for it, this without thinking twice. This can’t be said for most men out there, as they’re not mice in this case, but more chicken.

The Measurement Of A Man
So what about the man in this equation, where he can’t survive on cheese alone. Obviously, when the expression “are you a man or a mouse” was in vogue, men were expected to be men. Big, brave, with lots of chest hair.

Men were expected to stand up for themselves and not run away when they were afraid, scared to stand up and fight whenever they needed to. This is what was considered to be a “real man,” a term that’s not as common anymore.

Today, the entire concept of the traditional manliness has been questioned. For instance, once upon a time, after boys reached a certain age such as six years old, they weren’t expected to cry anymore.

How fair was that, where girls are allowed to cry any time they want, right into adulthood. I bet you’re crying right now. But these days, it’s now okay for men of any age to cry, as it’s considered sensitive and sincere.

Real Mice Don’t Cry
So have you ever heard stories, read accounts of a mouse crying. Implicitly, the recognition of how brave mice actually are, is displayed by the fact that there’s no longer the comparison of men and the little rodents.

Instead, the expression, are you a man or a mouse, is now why don’t you “man up.” But realistically, based on how many men behave these days, perhaps the better expression should be, why don’t you “mouse up,” but it won’t likely stick.

The Mighty Mouse
But as usual, all you need is to just look back at recent history, this to witness that the concept of the mouse, is a symbol of how men shouldn’t be acting, a dividing line of comparison.

For instance, the biggest icon for perhaps the most wholesome character that’s ever been created in a young child’s mind, was Mickey Mouse. It was never Mick Man.


Then there’s Mighty Mouse, which has been immortalized in modern pop culture, made fun of, as how can a mouse be mighty, where the Mighty Mouse’s best known line was, “I’ve come to save the day.”

Now honestly, when was the last time you said, “I’ve come to save the day,” or actually happened to even come close to saving the day somehow, let alone announcing it.

If most of the men were honest about it, and looked back into their lives, what most will likely say instead is something like, “I’ve come to ruin your day.”

Are You A Mouse Or A Human
You can hear the daddy mouse asking their little boy mouse who appears reluctant. “Are you a mouse or an ant?”

So isn’t it time to stop taking measurement, stop judging, and accepting men for who they really are, sensitive beings with feelings. It’s human to live a life of fear and insecurity.

At one time, men and only men were expected to bring home the bacon, that only men could fix a flat tire, be a soldier at war to protect the country, be the strong silent type with no emotions.

Thankfully, women now also share these burdens as well. After decades, men can finally relax. It’s okay to express your weaknesses, there’s no shame in admitting that your scared.

After all, we are not mice. We can be brave and bold if we want to be, and will contribute in other ways.

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