Transforming Your Behavior Away From Stress And Anxiety

someone who's stressed outStress is an amazingly and persistent moody beast, even seductive. We get used to feeling uptight and tense. Although positive thinking has its place, but unless it’s backed up by practical wisdom, it tends to get overwhelmed and will then quickly fade away.

That’s when you should pause and step back. People are often so tense with stressful thinking that they can barely breathe. So the first step that we all need to do is just consciously breath more, this by taking brief mental breaks several times a day.

We need to take a pause, take a few deep breaths, step away, look around and relax more. Those times when you feel tempted to give in to someone when you know you shouldn’t. That’s the time to fall into internal relaxation and breathe away the tension.

Then your habitually anxious and resentful attitude will blow away like leaves on an autumn tree. They will be replaced by a clear crisp mind that reveals what’s best for you.

Control Your Reaction By Using Select Words
The first step is remaining alert when others try to weigh you down with their nervous comments and attitudes. What you also need to do is reply to the attempted attack by saying. “I have nothing to say to that.”

Saying so cuts down the contagious effect of the stressful assault. It blocks the tendency to accept and imitate the depressing words of others. Your nature doesn’t fall down to the level of the anxious remark, but remains above it.

Negative people are wanting you to get involved with their defeat, and this is the primary method that they use. Your reply, non reply, prevents them from drawing you in as their victim.


An attitude of defeat from another person can’t reach you unless you carelessly accept it as yours. There’s no need at all for you to accept it. A quiet refusal to enter the battlefield is the reply.

Let Go Of Grudges Live In The Present
Falling victim to someone is similar to you voluntarily drinking poison and hoping that the offender becomes ill from it. We shut the door on our own development once we fail to grant others the same opportunity for change.

Therefore, it’s our responsibility to release to the providence of a higher power to those who have caused harm, while simultaneously realizing that they will be held accountable for their actions.

The secret to success without stress is to realize your newness of the present moment numerous times a day. Right now is so alive and energetic, so tangible and real, that the painful grudges can’t “live” here.

Grudges can only stay around when fueled by unaware and unproductive mental visits of the past.

Observe Negative Thoughts Understand And Don’t Suppress Them
Self observation is the master key to stress free living. Instead of claiming stressful thoughts and feelings as our own, we can observe and understand them. This understanding sets us free.

Self observation is practical spirituality at its best. Those who don’t bother to observe the movements of their minds, are setting themselves up to be unhappy.

Realize That There’s Better Things To Think About
The old way of thinking has its grooves, similar to negative mental film clips which pulls you away from the present moment.

When you detect yourself involved in these internal movies, pause and say to yourself, “There are better things to think about.” This instantly snaps the spell and moves you to higher ground.

You’ll feel less stress and an abundance of new vitality as you reclaim the energy that was once consumed by these negative mental film clips. You suddenly wake up and enthusiastically declare, “There are better things to think about!”


Stay Away From The Negative Zones Of Influence
Our society is rampant with negative influences. They come from a variety of places, like frantic people, the media, and untruthful deceptive politicians. Never forget that those who are unaware wants you to vibrate on their stress.

It’s your duty, your mission in life, to live in harmony with your higher and authentic genuine self. Although physically, you may be in a stressful place, once you connect with your heart, you have the spiritual power to stay free. There’s no law that says you must fall under these stressful zones of influence.

Refuse To Make Stressful Angry Comments
Stress spills out into the world. It’s similar to a snowball rolling down a hill which starts small and then gathers in size and momentum. We need to stop stress in its infancy, and the best way to do so is not speaking about it.

One proven method of dissolving stress in your life is by using an exercise of self suppression. You’re just about to react, to say something that’s angry or hurtful to someone else, we’ve all been there.

The statement has left the brain, it’s traveling at the speed of light towards your mouth. Then your awareness suddenly steps in and a higher choice is made. A switch is thrown and you don’t say what you were about to say. You instead say something helpful and cheerful instead.

You’ll instantly feel the benefits of doing so, this self control. Anger, ego, or stress didn’t succeed in dictating your speech. Your power of choice lifted you above its daggers.

To Better Manage Stress
This isn’t the practice of being phony or nice. It’s the expression of the true strength and authenticity of your self command. It can only happen when your awareness is active, like the presence of a light in a dark forest.

The one supreme power which guarantees personal happiness is the right to personally think properly, that’s your obligation and right. This “right” thinking is based on practical wisdom and practice.


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