Video Advertising Is Coming To An Internet Near You

video_advertising_0You as a consumer, marketer or business on the net, may not quite be ready for video advertising. But ready or not, video advertising is ready and waiting, and coming to a screen near you. The biggest setback for Web professionals and internet marketers is the complexity that currently surrounds the utilization of video ads on their websites. It may at the moment be a fast moving blur, but one that you should be able to quickly master.

The main proponents of video advertising all believe that it’s the next natural evolution, and thus future of web advertising content, while there are others that have been hesitating to test out the medium. But the proof is there. According to recent statistics on user behavior, viewing videos are now significantly more popular than searches for text based information. There were approximately 35 billion video views compared to only 16 billion searches for text per month. So we as internet surfers are watching significantly more video, which averages around 13 hours per month.

So if you are an affiliate marketer or a web business professional, the most important reason why you should be considering adding video advertising to your online arsenal, is that it is soon expected to a $4.5 billion dollar market by the end of 2012, this according to Google. Online video ads can immediately provide for a targeted: visual intent, interest and demographic, that’s immediately measurable on a per site, or per impression basis in real-time, via dynamic optimization.
You will be able to get immediate video performance metrics such as:
– how many video starts you got
– the number of impressions
– the number of video viewing completions and
– the tracking of actual conversions

The most significant problem that’s facing video advertisers is not the production of the video, but rather locating the right publisher or venue. The video publishers are struggling as well, with the different ways they can monetize the video ads. This results in the advertisers currently overpaying for their services, due to poorly packaged and produced video advertising offers.

Listed Are 4 Video Advertising Networks That’s Leading The Charge:
The best way to learn the video production and advertising learning curve is to consider VidShout’s inclusive packages, as they will assist you in the development process of the videos, along with their syndication and reporting capabilities.

VidShout allows you the video advertiser to create videos by uploading your own images, or your own videos, then allows you to add taglines, choose suitable music, as well as uploading voice files and transitional effects. It will then automate the development of a “call to action” landing page for your product. VidShout then syndicates the video to 60+ video hosting sites, portals, directories and shopping sites. They also provide viewer activity logs, and lead generation reports.

While Google obviously is not a genuine video advertising network, they are after all Google. YouTube, owned by Google provides the video advertiser a ground floor viable opportunity to easily get involved in video ads. You as a video advertiser, can appear on videos or be featured in the lower bottom portion of the viewing area of videos, if participating in Google’s InVideo ads program.

You can also be the ‘star’ in a video ad itself through the: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll on Google’s Content Network. The Click to play video advertisements are also an option, as is Google’s Gadget Ads. As Google has recently purchased On2 (which compresses video), and Episodic (which is a live broadcasting platform), the Big G is clearly looking into video advertising as a revenue source.

SpotXchange can best be describe as a performance based video advertising network. They currently present some of the most progressive video advertising methods and capabilities. Along with SpotXchange offering traditional video overlays and video banners, they also offer pre-roll and pre-game video advertisements, that’s accompanied by companion banner ads. They offer auction based pricing, hosting powerful targeting criteria which includes:
– Geo Location (ZIP-code targeting)
– Sub-channels and channels
– Exact demographics
which allows SpotXchange to be an excellent video advertising solution and a strong market player.

YuMe may not be that well known as a video advertising network yet, but that may not be the case for much longer. YuMe and their ad management platform, known as ACE, gives you the publisher, as well as advertisers the ability to identify, as well as classify and then track display content to ensure:
– Contextual relevance
– Brand safety
– Controlled syndication and
consistency of delivery across all the digital media platforms; which includes: downloads, mobile and IPTV. The YuMe network allows for cross-platform ad sharing and the ability to display multiple ad format placements through their single system.

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