Visit 10 Of The Worlds Most Spectacular And Scariest Skywalks

What some just love is the adventure, the adrenaline rush, as what they get is a thrill from heights, as their pulse begins to race. Skywalks and natural suspension bridges are designed for this purpose. These are usually urban structures often suspended miles above the air, or a glass bridge built over a natural setting.

What they do is contribute towards the beauty and the natural wonders of the immediate environment. Some are completely transparent and stomach churning, and are absolutely frightful, while providing the most spectacular views that this planet has to offer. So dare to go at your own risk.

10. Il Binocolo Merano Italy

Il Binocolo Merano Italy
Whenever you happen to be visiting Merano, Italy, what a leisurely walk around the gardens of Trauttsmandorff Castle will do is take you to an outstanding charming glass structure, one that suddenly pokes out of the surrounding trees. The roof situated at the end of the platform does is offers spectacular views of the landscape, Il Binocolo, which means The Binoculars. The mesmerizing structure is a spectacular must see.

9. Capilano Suspension Bridge Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge Canada
The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a walkway which crosses over the Capilano River in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The bridge is 460ft long and freely suspended 230ft above the raving river. Along with being a swaying bridge over the towering treetops, what’s also offered are rain forest ecotours, along with North America’s largest collection of First Nations totem poles.

8. Illawarra Tree Walk Australia

Illawarra Tree Walk Australia
The famous Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk allows visitors to venture over the rain forest canopy, suspended 25 meters above the ground, built on a see through steel platform. The 500 meter elevated walkway features cantilever arms, which transports the visitor over the edge of the escarpment, offering inspiring views of the coastline. You’re also face to face with all the wildlife that the rain forests of Australia offers. The spiral stairs are guaranteed to make your head spin.

7. Tyrol Stubai Glacier Austria

 Tyrol Stubai Glacier Austria
The faint of heart dare not go to the Top of Tyrol, which is an awe inspiring experience. This spectacular cantilevered viewing platform, overhangs a ridge off Mount Isidor in Austria. Although it will just give you a view of just the mountains, just the mere act, the dare of standing on this deceivingly safe platform makes it an adventurists unique experience.

6. The Grand Canyon USA

The Grand Canyon USA
No list wouldn’t be complete without the Grand Canyon, which is a spectacular natural act of god. Then add the man-made Grand Canyon skywalk, and you have a view like nothing else. This cantilever shaped glass walkway is suspended 4,000 feet above the canyon’s floor, and extends 70 feet beyond the canyon’s rim. Situated above the Colorado River, this transparent walkway will offer views of the Grand Canyon from a variety of different perspectives.

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