How To Develop And Maintain Better Positive Relationships

how to show respectNeighbours, those people who live next door or down the street you seldom take the time to get to know. What’s worse, co-workers who you work with at the same humongous company or work in the same building. You rarely express a courteous hello or nod.

This behavior is common on a daily basis, so regardless of the location or ethnicity, the attitude is the same. How much more rewarding would life be if we all just took a moment to be more pleasant with each other, saying a simple, “How are you,” leaving a positive imprint.

It’s thought that we are at times our own worst enemy. Despite all of our kind and helpful intentions, we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to developing and maintaining lasting relationships.

There tends to be issues which develops, this once we choose to ignore each other or demonstrate a lack of respect. This conclusion is drawn after studying this counterproductive behavior in a variety of settings. What’s apparent is a lack of mutual respect and communication.

When We Started To Develop Relationships
How we were taught to develop and maintain positive relationships with others, began at home when we were children, and then we extended this same attitude at school.

If our parents openly showed love, affection, and respect towards each other, we ourselves displayed the same affection towards everyone else, our family, friends, and co-workers. This positive nature is adopted towards everyone.

However, if we never witnessed or learned how to apply this mutual respect, what we developed was indifference towards our fellow humans, becoming socially aloof and distant. This the reason why some never displays affection.

Mutual Respect Extends A Long Way
Respect, whenever it’s demanded, results in defiant compliance. We do so because we have to and not because we want to, which may lead towards counterproductive behavior.

Once respect is earned, positive things will happen for both parties. The only effective way to earn respect is by giving it away, then, it will come back to you tenfold.

The best thing about developing positive relationships is that it’s never too late to start, this despite how bleak the situation may appear. To create an atmosphere of mutual respect, begin by demonstrating it yourself by your words and actions, showing respect towards others.

The best way is by you minimizing all of the gossip and negative talk, this by speaking only in friendly terms. Once doing so, everyone will then be more apt to listen and respond back to you in a positive manner.

Requests Develops Into Cooperation
If we expect others to respond to our requests, we need to first initially believe in the other person, telling them that they’re capable and productive.

This belief, when expressed in positive words and actions which are supportive, sends a strong message of encouragement. Others will pick up on it and will then begin to respond positively.

Begin by minimizing or not mentioning the mistakes or the weaknesses that they have. Instead, recognize and then acknowledge their strengths and their capabilities.

Show Love In Everything You Do And Say
What you constantly hear is “He/she says they love me, but they never show it.” What they’re saying is that they hear the words they speak, but are not convinced because of their lack of action.

Realize that taking action always speaks louder than the words heard, and in this case, couldn’t be more true. Love is an emotion as it is an action, so just saying it usually isn’t enough.

It just doesn’t display the intention. For the person to be able to feel secure in the relationship, this regardless of the level of intimacy, what they need is to know, feel, see, and perceive that they’re on the receiving end, that the other person really truly cares about them.


Expressing our love, our care and the concern for the other person is both a feeling as well as an action, which needs to be expressed in both words as well as displaying it.

This can prove the most effective once it’s expressed when the other is least expecting it, such as at certain times of the day, when they’re least anticipating such comments, gestures, or actions.

Encouragement Instead Of Praise
What encouragement does is it comes across as being more genuine and caring. Mutual respect and love are important ingredients when creating positive relationships, but it’s encouragement that’s more important.

It’s through encouragement that we can focus on the strengths of others. Consequently, it’s also this encouragement which helps us to believe in ourselves and our abilities, which helps in accepting and learning from our mistakes.

It helps us to develop courage so we can be ourselves, with all our imperfections and flaws. This is the first step which allows us to maximize our potential. There are ways, core methods when it comes to developing and then maintaining this respect.

It’s up to you to put this into practice with everyone you know and meet, including your employees, customers, colleagues, friends, and strangers. Then watch the positive results of your investment in this behavior, which can only grow in leaps and bounds.

Have More Fun In Your Life
Since we’re all busy with the demands of life, work, home, and everything else in between, it becomes extremely easy to just overlook building positive relationships.

The good news is that it doesn’t take that much time or effort. The benefits will come in the quality and not the length of time that we need to spend with others.

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