Where The Path To Personal Healing Begins Is From Within

the path to healThe path to healing becomes a personal choice, as it’s a path that you choose to piece together, gluing the fragments and then making it whole again. It’s within us to explore and then draw upon our inner resources to heal. Some of these wounds are embedded so deeply, that doing so can become a difficult task.

Surgeons create incisions in the body but they can’t order the wound to heal. It’s through our internal efforts that the healing process occurs. It paves the way towards self-discovery, opening the door to our inner harmony.

The imprint of our childhood experiences becomes a powerful force. An expectant mother who’s forced to live through a stressful or traumatic situation during pregnancy, is known to share the burden with her unborn child.

The Need To Heal
Just a few decades ago, domestic matters weren’t discussed openly, especially the hidden issues of abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, along with other related matters. Today, society is a lot more aware of their existence.

Tragic is that the innermost and the safest of sanctuary’s that society depends on, can at times be the most dangerous. These are the silent issues which takes its toll on the young victims. They grow up with internal wounds, they carry them around like a heavy burden on their shoulders.

Some will never get over their trauma, as they’ll appear at the most unfortunate times to haunt them. Then there are those who are brave enough to face these demons, to confront them, and then channel themselves towards healthy successful relationships.

When Love Becomes A Venom
How many hearts have been broken, experienced the disappointment and the pain in the name of love. It invades the lives from all walks of life, regardless of social status, wealth, race, or creed. No one looks forward to suffer that pain.


To heal a broken heart, to pick up the pieces of the shattered hopes and dreams, suffering from the betrayal, enduring a broken self-image, reliving the haunting nightmares, the violation on one’s being, spirit, and soul.

The most traumatic violation is experiencing the pain from those who are designated to provide a nurturing environment, those who are granted, entrusted to their care, hidden in the guise of love.

Recovering From Grief
The sudden loss of a loved one can be the most devastating. At times, the opportunity to bid the last and final farewell is lost. It becomes a substance of fate.

There is however a sense of relief that the suffering is over, it comes to an end. At one point and time in everyone’s life, grief becomes a reality.

Dealing With Guilt
We all make wrong turns, wrong decisions, wrong choices. We all make mistakes so it’s how we treat and recover from them. This is the human condition which not even the saintliest of the saints hasn’t experienced.

We all stumble, we fall, and get back up again. We dust ourselves off and then get on with life. Relationships become threatened, lost, or are innocently and unconsciously sacrificed.

Wearing guilt on your mind and in your heart, you invite negative vibrations which digs you deeper into the mire. Take a look in the mirror, at those sad eyes, the window of your soul, then tell yourself this isn’t the end.

Unfulfilled Dreams And Hopes
Living out your dreams, riding on the wings of hope, know that things won’t always work out. One day, you’ll wake up and then realize that your dreams are far from materializing, you languishing in the attempts to pursue them.

In the meantime, real opportunities, time, space, and life passes you by. Realize that hope, especially the false type, can lead to disappointment. When all your hopes become dashed, you’re left with nothing.

The Path To Healing

Healing Isn’t That Complex
Our environment, the planet that we live in is in a desperate need of healing, this from the abuse that’s inflicted upon it, this through our recklessness, negligence, and the lack of respect.


Personally, we all at one time or another have felt the pain of suffering. Be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or material.

There are avenues of healing that’s currently open to you. Options include seeking comfort from related groups, friends, or professionals, but the choice to heal begins with you.

It’s important to acknowledge the pain, this to recognize the cause, to integrate the fragmented pieces, and then be willing to carry it forward to the next step to become whole again.

Healing extends beyond the physical state when one hurts deeply. The spirit and the soul takes the grunt of the pain. It’s a pain which can hauntingly attack during the dark of the night.

It can fill a once loving heart with angst, ravage a once healthy active mind and the body beneath, marking its vengeance on an once beautiful and graceful soul.

Blocks To Healing
The path to healing is often full of potholes. A path that’s covered with blockages, obstacles, where the healing process appears futile, it appears almost out of reach.

Impediments on this path includes apathy, denial, self indulgence, self absorption, addiction, blaming others, isolation, cynicism, withdrawal from society, loss of faith and trust.

The Need To Heal
Most often, we hurt those who we love the most, usually unintentionally, but regardless, they bear the pain that we cause. This becomes a personal essay, it doesn’t however deny the importance of seeking out help when needed, when prompted.

It’s acknowledged that one must want to surrender, this to heal themselves. One has to know what needs healing, and are willing to accept the need to heal. What most advise is that seeking external help at this point will accelerate the process.

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