Reasons Why Some People Fail While Others Succeed

There are two similar individuals who gets the same education, same training, then they’re both set off in the world to apply what they’ve learned. The first person is extremely efficient, ambitious, dedicated, and willing to do anything they can to succeed, and does.

The other person appears to have similar ambition, but fails. Although they’ve both been given the same exact blueprint, this person however isn’t as successful.

Why is it one becomes successful, while the other doesn’t, with the same environment and opportunity. Their trajectory goes off in opposite directions.

It’s thought it all comes down to attitude.

We all enter grade school at the same age. We’re given the same textbooks, the same instruction, the same exams, all at the same time. Some excel, the majority are average, some fail.

The point being we as individuals are all given the same preparation, the same job, but why is it some will do better than others.

It’s found those who fail, it’s the certain habits they adopt which makes them less effective.

They Don’t Have The Confidence

Those who fail to succeed are tormented with self-doubt, as what they lack is self confidence.

They’re not sure if they have what it takes to become successful.

This even if they’re armed with the same knowledge as someone who’s become successful.

What they do is confuse their lack of experience with a lack of ability. They see any new challenge as a threat, while considering any feedback as criticism.

What they prefer is the familiar rather than the unknown, seek security because of the chance of failing, while they stop looking for new opportunities.

They Dwell For Too Long

What they do is procrastinate far too often. The longer they wait to get something done, the odds increases they’ll never get it done.

They perceive time as being endless and forgiving, while not realizing time is the only resource they can’t get back once it’s gone.

It’s found those who are barely able to meet deadlines, does is develops a false sense of confidence once it doesn’t get done.

What they fail to understand is just getting things done, is different from doing things well.


They’re Too Impatient

What they lack is patience, as they don’t like to wait for long. What they want is instant results, instant money, while they dine on instant Ramen noodles.

They then quickly get disappointed and give up, once they don’t get the results they want.

What they look for are shortcuts, to cheat the system. They’re constantly late as they fight the clock, making excuses for their stressed mind.

The key becomes to do things correct the first time while exercising patience, rather than doing things as quickly as possible.

What usually then happens is they’ll spend more time fixing the mistakes they’ve made.

The Attempt To Multitask

What’s thought is the human mind isn’t really capable of multitasking. Those who are ineffective aren’t able to focus on one thing, or one task at a time.

What they do is put too much on their plate, then try to do everything at once.

They’ll be talking to you while texting someone, thinking they’re being efficient. They seem to be listening, but are obviously distracted building their to-do list.

What they do is constantly make plans while overbooking themselves, which creates unneeded stress.

Then they’re exhausted from a busy day at work, without having nothing to show for it.

They Want Change Without Willing To Make Changes

What they welcome is change, but will fail to embrace it. What they know is they need a change in their life, but won’t do anything about it.

Instead of making changes, what they do is resist, procrastinate to do what it takes when it becomes too hard.

They’ll object to any new ideas, while opposing any new processes or implementations.

Those who fail doesn’t like to apply new techniques, or learn new technology which appears too difficult.

They turn their backs to new and different points of view. They can be persistently stubborn.

Then the most convenient and usual excuse they come up with, is you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

What They Want Is Perfection

They can be extremely hard workers, but what they do is waste excessive amounts of time on minor details.

The majority of details which are completely useless, the things no one cares about.

What they fail to grasp are the main concepts, while wasting their time claiming they’re just detail orientated.

They’re more interested in the perfect idea or process, rather than an effective one.

They’re more interested in creating a flawless product, rather than doing whatever it takes to improve on it.

All they care about is to avoid making mistakes, rather than to learn from them.

As a result, the majority of their goals become wild goose chases, as they spend useless time finding something wrong with them.

They Complain Too Much

What those who are failures has is a pessimistic point of view of themselves and everything they do, which includes their life in general.

What they’ll do is spend inordinate amounts of time and energy, to seek out mistakes or excuses.

Then they’ll complain about them, while blaming everyone else but themselves.

They make mountains out of molehills, as they don’t bother to focus on ways to make things better, as they just don’t care.

They’ll take credit when things go right, while deflecting all responsibility and blame when things go wrong.

What they eventually develop is a bleak outlook on life, with feeble attempts to pursue their goals.

What they have are certain brain blockages when it comes to success, which deters them from realizing their potential.

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