How Some Will Get Trapped On The Stage That Is Social Anxiety

As the years pass by, as one becomes more mindful about their life, how’s it going? Is your life really becoming progressively better. Do you honestly expect that things will change. Instead, what most become is overwhelmed with pressure, this by their own, or from the expectations of others.

Most begin to realize that it’s social anxiety that’s their biggest culprit, which is responsible for staving off their ambition. What’s realized is that to improve, to get better, they can’t do it on their own. That there needs to be human interaction with others, the need to socialize. But the thought of getting out there, terrifies them.

What’s ideal is you want to be a social butterfly. Carelessly frolic at parties, attend business events with ease. But you know that empty feeling of being alone and lonely, in a room full of others enjoying themselves.

So you don’t go anywhere, this because you’re nervous when it comes to meeting new people. Going to unfamiliar places, the thought of networking with others, petrifies you.

So Scary…
Casual party settings particularly scares you, this because you need to converse and be yourself, talk about yourself and your life.

What will you say, will you become flustered and tongue tied. You feel the piercing eyes of everyone staring at you, which makes you feel more self-conscious and insignificant.

They want to know more about you, but all they see is you’re paralyzed with fear, that you can’t relax. What they see is your discomfort, as your face becomes blushed with nervous energy.

Stop Looking At Me
Since you don’t allow them to get to know you, eventually, they’ll just ignore you, leave you alone, as you sit in your familiar wallflower position.

Yes, that’s me, “I always feel that way,” you think. So instead, you’d rather just spend your time alone, at home, watch TV or go on social media. This is where you feel the most comfortable.

What’s frustrating is that you know these feelings are self-imposed, yet convinced that you can’t overcome them.

Here To Stay
If all this sounds familiar, then it shows you’re self-aware. That doesn’t ease the pain however, or stop the queasiness. In fact, you’re feeling worse now, because you know this condition is phantom.

What makes things worse, is that social anxiety doesn’t come and go like a rash, as it’s not a generic emotional issue. Social anxiety isn’t something that usually disappears one day. You can only control it.

This Feeling Of Alone
You may feel alone and isolated, and think that you’re the only one in the room feeling this way. But in fact, everyone else is experiencing these symptoms, so the first step is realizing you’re not alone.

How you think and feel about yourself, is the mind shift that’s needed from feeling frustrated and a failure, to feeling happy and successful. We’re all products of what we think, so every thread of our thoughts, has a compounding effect.

Negative Thinking By Default
Regardless of how much conscious effort you put into changing your thinking, your subconscious mind will continue to flood your thoughts with negative messages, the ones that have been ingrained for years, this by default.

Everyone has a history of failing at something, not living up to expectations while making mistakes. Everyone experiences them while your brain collects them. This negative programming is what you need to change.

To Think Differently
Where success and change comes from, is the commitment to think positively, but the biggest struggle for many is willpower.


They know they can use some help, but are often too embarrassed to admit they have a problem. Then their self-esteem, motivation, and confidence plummets.

Know that your life will improve, once you begin to believe in yourself and your dormant abilities. Respecting yourself gives you that boost you need to increase your motivation, then your enthusiasm will grow.

Some claim, that’s the radical transformation that they needed, which opened the door to making powerful changes in their lives, this by activating their beliefs.

Wanting To Change
Willing to make changes is a good sign. Taking the action steps to start something is even better. Those experiencing social anxiety, who dares to go out and seek help, finding it on their own however has proven difficult, since most have no idea where to begin.

Let’s say you’re ready to make the changes that you want. If you’ve previously tried and failed, what you need is a support structure, this to help you maintain your resolve, while keeping your thought process focused on your goals. This is when self-help comes in.

Self-help can be the best solution, as only you know your issues. To alleviate the symptoms, realize that you’re the only one who knows how you think and react, as you’re the only one who can get inside your head.

Self Treatment
You and only you know the quirks of your condition, so only you can apply the strategies which will lessen the anxiety, this to get control back into your life.

To overcome any obstacle, what you need is to know what’s standing in your way. So get an idea on what your potential is, how you can get more out of life, your relationships and your career.

What’s Stopping You
Realize that you have what it takes within you to succeed. Also realize that to reach this success, it’s up to you, as there’s no one else who’s going to help you, as everyone else has their own issues.

So don’t randomly make resolutions and wishes, and hope they come true, but instead decide to start making the changes, that you’re wanting to make in your life yourself.