7 Truths And Myths On Curing A Hangover That Actually Work

We’re entering the happy drinking season. Holiday occasions where getting tipsy becomes mandatory, while we pay the price the next morning. If you’ve had a bit too much to drink, it’s your mind and body that takes the toll. So the search becomes to find what works to recover, and what doesn’t.

Clinically, it remains a mystery how to cure a hangover. The simple solution appears to eat certain foods while drinking plenty of fluids, which hopefully reduces that pounding headache. What’s known is that the hangover process can be prolonged consuming certain foods, so find out what’s truth or myth.

7. Doesn’t Help Hangovers: Eating Greasy Food

What many believe is that hitting the nearest “greasy spoon” diner for brunch, this following a party the night before that involved drinking, does is helps reduce a hangover. This is a popular tradition especially among the college crowd. What health experts claim however, is that doing so may not be the best method for recovery.

What research finds, is that eating a fatty meal before the party can help, as doing so reduces the rate of alcohol that’s absorbed by the body. Eating a greasy hamburger with fries the next day however, just increases stomach irritation, which aggravates the hangover symptoms even further.

6. What Helps Hangovers: Eating Eggs

What eating a hearty breakfast fortified with eggs, this first thing in the morning when hungover, does is lays the foundation towards recovery. The reason for this, is because what eggs contain, are two vital amino acids taurine and cysteine, which relieves the pain.

What cysteine in eggs does is helps prevent that throbbing headache, this by interrupting the chemical production of acetaldehyde, which causes the pounding pain. The other nutrient that fresh eggs contain is taurine, which is an amino acid that protects the liver, by speeding up the detox process.

5. Doesn’t Help Hangovers: Orange Juice

Other than coffee or water, what you might instinctively reach for is a tall glass of refreshing orange juice, this in the hopes to reduce that headache known as a hangover. What the high acid content of citrus fruits however, does is contributes further to an already turbulent stomach.

What replenishing with other “calmer” fresh fruit juices such as cranberry juice, can do is help cure a hangover. To recover, what’s recommended is sipping plenty of non-acidic beverages such as herbal tea and plenty of fresh water, which infuses and hydrates the body with vitamins, fructose, and fluids.