9 Ways To Overcome Procrastination To Reach Your Goals

What many think is they’re capable of reaching their peak, the upper ceiling of their potential but won’t bother to do the work. They put in the schooling and get the direction, invest in the belief they’ll reach their goals, becoming unbreakable.

They believe their positive attitude becomes immune and infectious, activated and energized to take on any challenge. That is, until the shine, the lustre of hope begins to wear off and reality sets in.

They realize they need to start, to put in the effort, the agony of blood sweat and tears. That it’s up to them to do the work.

What Do You Mean Work?

We’re all familiar with that feeling. Our initial inspiration and motivation begins to dwindle. Especially once life confronts us, and begins to demand more of our time and effort.

Slowly but surely, that little voice of negativity begins to feed your mind, desperately attempting to lead you astray, to take you off course.

Procrastination begins to throw you every excuse in the book, infesting your mind it’s for your own good.

It’s a human condition this procrastination, to keep you safe and comfortable.

So how can you break free, ignore that gnawing voice and keep striving towards your destiny.

1. – Create A Detailed Plan

Manually write down on a piece of paper by hand, your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Make them reasonable. Post it somewhere, so you can see it multiple times a day.

The first step is to have a goal, but what you need is a doable road map on how to get there. The more detailed, the more specific the daily steps are the better.

What a well written realistic plan does, is it eliminates the “I don’t know what I need to do today,” excuse. What you need to do today, is written there right in front of you.

You don’t then need to think about what or why, or how you feel about doing it. Just buckle down, and follow the plan.

2. – Be As Accountable As Possible

What you need, is to create accountability in your life. What procrastination doesn’t like, is you to be accountable, because what you’re resisting, is letting others or yourself down.

The first and easiest person you can disappoint, is you. So have a reason, a set of rules to keep yourself motivated.

Schedule all of the work tasks you need to do, the classes to attend, your daily workouts and stick by them.

Make it ritual, make it extremely difficult for you to wiggle your way out of them. No excuses.


3. – Just Start Doing It

Stop thinking about what you need to do, and just start doing it by taking action. Expect to make mistakes along the way.

The longer you sit and procrastinate, wait for perfection or motivation to kick in, the more frustrated you’ll become.

Just getting starting is the hardest part. That’s when you can easily discourage yourself by going around in circles attempting to avoid it.

Once you do begin, the thought of skipping out or quitting becomes secondary, as adrenaline kicks in.

You’ll then become happy and extremely proud of yourself, that you didn’t quit.

4. – Just Let It Go

Never beat yourself up, as everyone has their bad days when things don’t go right. Feeling guilt or shame has never gotten anyone anywhere quick, although you’d like to think it can.

What the beast that is procrastination loves, is to take advantage of your vulnerability, and will pounce hard on your fragile state of mind.

What procrastination has is a nasty habit of refuelling itself, on all those negative thoughts which festers.

Think back to what led you to give in, and then have a plan the next time, by combating and regrouping for a better solution.

What we all have, is that classic battle of “fight-or-flight” within us, that we need to overcome.

5. – Always Be Positive Remain Focused

What we’re all boxed into, is a 24 hour day. So don’t fall for the, “I don’t have time right now” mentality, as it rarely works. The most successful of individuals, are those who have strict focus on which tasks to do.

So make sure you follow the one action you’ve committed yourself to, until it’s completed to its entirety.

What this means, is you’ll have to say “no” to some things and avoid getting distracted. By doing so, you’ll get your priorities finished.

6. – Always Reward Yourself

Develop a reward system once you do complete a task. What we all need at times are rewards, a treat, to keep us in line and motivated.

So decide what it is you want, but will normally pass up on unless you complete a task.

Choose something that feels like a special reward for you, but make sure it’s healthy yet tasty, if it’s food.

Be disciplined, and dangle it in front of you as an incentive.

7. – Resources And Tools

Make sure you have all the proper tools in place, which helps you measure your progress. Things that will gauge and track your success.

Once you begin seeing progress and results, you’ll then gain momentum along with feeling a renewed sense of motivation.

8. – Know “Why” And Then Do It

Always be connecting with the why, what it is that resonates about reaching that goal. Why is it important to accomplish it.

Neglecting or not knowing the reasons “why,” becomes a common mistake, as procrastination kicks in.

What procrastination preys on, is feeding off this lack of purpose, not having a valid reason for doing something.

9. – Enjoy The Process “Just Do It”

It’s a famous cliché, because it’s true. “Just Do It.” Learn from the lessons which are exposed along the way, and then connect them with your life, constantly building on tomorrow.

What any overachieving business person or athlete will tell you, is completing their goals gives them confidence and satisfaction. It’s surviving and thriving through the process, which gives them character.

Once you arm yourself this way, the visits from the beast within that is procrastination, will begin to dissipate.