Being Optimistic The Key To Getting That Perfect Job

gettingthejobofyourdreamsSo you’re making the rounds, interviewing for jobs with companies in the high hopes of landing that new ideal dream job. Like most candidates out there, you consider yourself highly qualified for the positions that you’re applying for, while having an excellent track record with solid references. There is however that one quality of your personality which stands out, and the interviewer can spot it immediately, and that single trait is portraying optimism.

Being optimistic sets you apart in a few tangible ways, the way you express it in the tone in your voice while you describe your previous job experiences as well as the world around you. You view these challenges not as a stressful situation but rather as opportunities to listen and learn, grow and then innovate. You stand out because you’re easy to get along with, as you project your genuine upbeat yet relaxed attitude.

Based on research by prominent Fortune 500 “head hunters,” it’s crystal clear that being optimistic is one of the best predictors when it comes to employee success, especially when interviewing and beyond. For instance, one study has proven that optimistic sales personnel consistently outsell their more pessimistic counterparts by close to 40% percent.

There are a few simple strategies which anyone can adopt to boost optimism levels while positivity projecting the “wow” factor towards the hiring managers, simultaneously placing them at ease as well. So with a bit of practice, you have the potential of becoming a lot more confident and thus optimistic and beginning your new job on Monday.

So before you enter another interview room, arm yourself with the following steps to boost your positivity and optimism levels.

Preparing Yourself To Be Successful
This may sound a bit counterintuitive, but the best time to “goof” off is right before the job interview itself. That’s the best way on how you can prepare yourself for success.

So put on your iPod and listen to some of your favorite dance music while your in the car, or watch a few funny videos that you know will make you laugh out loud hysterically. It’s also important to physically workout before the interview, anything that’ll make you sweat. So whether it’s going for a jog, a bike ride or a swim, to reduce the stress and the tension.


Do whatever you can to make yourself smile. Studies have shown that when our brains are primed up to be positive, natural dopamine, which is the feel good chemical enters the brain, which turns on the learning capacity centers.

These studies have also shown that a positive induced brain is also 20% percent quicker to react as well as a lot more accurate when making decisions then a brain which is negative or stressed out. What this results in is we’ll be a lot more prepared in answering the interviewers potential “curve ball” questions.

Begin By Doing These Reps Immediately
Just like your body needs a good workout, you’re brain needs one as well. Performing the following exercise will just take a few minutes a day, and it may stop you from potentially sweating through your business suit.

Try this every day for the next 3 weeks, practice being as consciously grateful as possible. In a Word document or journal, list 3 unique things which you’re grateful for, and then explain why. Once this becomes a habit, it will help you in retraining your brain for better positivity.

Research has proven that doing this not only makes us happier, but it also calms down the brain as well, which is exactly what you’re looking. It should also come in handy to counterbalance the expected stress levels during the nerve-racking interview.

Begin The Interview Strong
When it comes to broadcasting, such as the nightly News, the top story is known as the “lead,” and that sets the tone for the entire program. Similarly, it’s the very first few moments of the job interview which the interviewer will analyze the candidates the most.

So it’s critically important that you begin with an extremely strong Power Lead. A quick story or a positive fact about any appropriate topic, and make sure that you steer away from negativity, like getting absolutely soaked in the rain or that the receptionist was an absolute “you know what.”

A positive lead story relaxes the initial tension and kicks the interview off to a good start, while activating the interviewer’s mindset to not be as critical. Research has shown that the memory retention on both sides of the interview table improves once we are positive. So a strong Power Lead on your behalf will help the interviewer to remember better, and like you long enough to consider you for the job.

Always Be Grateful By Saying “Thank You”
Always be as grateful as possible by saying “Thank You,” is extremely vital to the process, and not just because your mom said so. When you interview for the job, make sure that you take a “Thank you” note or card with you.

Also make sure that the card is properly named and addressed in advance, so you could hand it to them immediately after the interview or mail it to them the same day. Make sure that you also hand write the cards as well.


If you cannot absolutely do that, or it’s a time sensitive issue, then make sure that you send them an email at the very least. Either way, take a few minutes to write a genuine and heartfelt Thank you message for the time they spent with you, and specifically for picking you out for the interview. Gratitude is simple and easy but it can go a long way which should set you apart.

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