How Pure Fresh Crisp Water Has Become Our Greatest Commodity

water as a valuable commodityThere’s only a few essentials that we need in life to survive another day, in some cases the next minute, which are food, oxygen, and water. These are our basic necessities, and all lifeforms on this planet springs from there.

All of these basic essential resources also eventually begins to get treated as a commodity, and water is no different. We now pay for the quality of the water that we drink. Water as a result has become privatized as it presents a profit opportunity, this for big business and …

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The Awkward Guide To Networking For The Uncomfortably Aloof

how to overcome being an introvert while networkingYou’re not the quickest of mind when it comes to speaking, especially conversing with others, you’re a little timid, become uncomfortable once a crowd gathers. Yet, for the sake of your business, as it expands and retracts based on your networking prowess, it’s something you need to do.

What you find is that it’s your duty to attend all the various networking functions, after function, and they’re close to being just as painful as tooth extraction sans novacane. It becomes a cold and panic stricken situation.

How would you even …

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How To Influence Others While Making Everyone Like You More

learninghowtoinfluenceothersThe attempts to manipulate others isn’t right nor does it feel good, like you’re taking advantage, this regardless how morally correct you are. But there are ways on how you can win over others effectively, politely, and fairly, methods which makes everyone feel satisfied.

Winning, convincing others to your point of view isn’t an easy thing to do, this especially if they don’t like you, or they didn’t get their fair share or a good deal. The art, the ability to be able to apply persuasion tactics to friends and …

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How To Find More Meaning And Gratification In Our Mundane Jobs

making your job meaningfulWhat we’re all looking for in life is to have some type of impact, an effect, a sense of purpose from our jobs, that we’re making a difference. Ask anyone what they’re looking for in their jobs, and most will say meaningfulness.

The majority of workers indicated that they need to have a purpose as a top priority, this over job security, the amount of hours worked, promotions, or even income. Work for most is defined as a search for worth and meaning, this based on a survey across a …

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Ways On How To Activate And Then Supercharge Your Motivation

how to motivate yourselfMotivation is the key driving force, the very essence behind any change that can be life altering. It stems from knowing exactly what it is that you want to do in your life, and then developing that insatiable hunger to go for it, to get it done.

You’ll then do whatever it takes to do it right, to get it done purposefully. What motivation does is it keeps your hopes and dreams on track and in focus, as it’s the built in propeller which drives you moving forward through thick …

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How Circadian Cycles Gives Pro Sports Teams An Advantage

professional sports teams and sleep cyclesIt’s all about your body clock and not the clock on the wall. Whether you’re a businessman who travels cross country, or a professional sports team, what you should be considering is your circadian timing, which is your biological clock.

This especially for the professional sports teams and the prospects of winning or losing their game, considering their chances when it comes to the day of the game. What most aren’t aware of is how big a role that their circadian timing and actual sleep cycles plays on their game …

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How The Weather Outside Influences Our Consumer Behavior

how colder weather affects moodOur physical experiences directly affects the way that we think and behave. Holding a warm beverage, for instance, instead of a cold one makes one think there’s more warmth in someone’s personality when speaking to them.

The degree of temperature influences our preferences of expression, especially when it comes to the consumer. The most obvious is that ice cream or beer sales will skyrocket on hot lazy summer days, but there are also less obvious cues the temperature has on the human psyche, when we make decisions.

One study showed …

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The Symptoms Which Indicate You May Be Headed For A Burn Out

why you should know the symptoms of a burnoutAre you feeling tired, listless and irritable lately, as it’s becoming a common trend in this ever increasing hectic lifestyle that we live in. It’s now become one of the hazards of life in the workplace, and it’s usually the high achievers who’s affected the most.

These high octane individuals of the world who’s got the attitude of “I can do anything I want,” Type A personalities, who think that burning out will never happen to them, become the victims. The reason being that they’re extremely passionate about what they …

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