5 Natural Ways To Quickly Recover From Jet Lag

Whenever you’re traveling, this whether for that well deserved vacation in the sun, for business, some type of an athletic event, or just trying to get home for the holidays, what you want to do is recover from the stress of jet lag as quickly as possible.

The motion of traveling itself is an anxiety incident for the body, this especially when crossing timezones or international borders to an unfamiliar country.

We also become susceptible to infections on the plane, or immediately once in the new environment.

We’re also forced to quickly adapt to the atmosphere of the flying, adjust to new schedules, acclimate ourselves to different altitudes and shifts in weather.

All while attempting to metabolize our bodies to the different and at times unusual foods.

There are fortunately 5 natural ways on how to recover while converting your mind and body as quickly as possible to the new environment.

All while allowing yourself to stay as healthy as possible, reducing the at times traumatic experience which is travel.


1.) – Take Enzymes With Every Meal

What digestive enzymes will do, is promote the effective breakdown of all the foods you consume before and after the traveling.

What they’ll do is make sure whatever you eat doesn’t remain in your digestive tract for long, which can cause bloating, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation.

Taking digestive enzymes will give your body the extra support it needs, to ensure that you’re properly metabolized with even the most unusual of foods.

The best are natural sources such as the papain and bromelain, which are found in pineapples and papaya.

For most, the easiest form are chewable tablets.

2.) – Try Taking Probiotics

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that lays a solid foundation for the proper digestion of food, while strengthening the immune system.

Taking probiotics is found to be the best for boosting your bodily functions by effectively supporting the digestive tract, where 80% percent of your immune system is stored.

The best sources of probiotics are from a vegetables, and not preferably from dairy such as cattle.

The best and safest source if traveling, is in capsule form that’s at room temperature.

3.) – Intravenous IV Vitamin Therapy

Some will undergo vitamin IV treatments before traveling by airplane for extended periods.


It’s especially recommended if you’re an athlete who needs to keep your body in tiptop shape, or if you pile on the frequent flyer points.

Once combined with the hectic stress that’s the traveling itself, which can drain your energy once you’ve reached your destination, what intravenous vitamin therapy can do, is help you recover quicker.

Doing so will give you that much needed boost, which will efficiently allow you to adapt more easily to travel related changes, while allowing your mind and body to recover and perform at peak performance.

What intravenous vitamin therapy involves is injecting a needle directly into a vein, which allows the vitamins and the minerals to drip right into the bloodstream.

This provides for an immediate and rapid absorption, and pure uninterrupted delivery of the nutrients into the cells.

What the vitamins will do is boost adrenal gland function, which supports the immune system while improving overall performance.

IV vitamin therapy is usually required to be administered by a licensed naturopathic doctor.

4.) – Try Grapefruit Seed Extract

What’s found to work for motion sickness or jet lag is grapefruit seed extract.

This is a naturally powerful broad spectrum anti-microbial source, which effectively acts against a number of pathogenic based organisms that includes viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

So when traveling, if you begin showing any signs of the common cold or some type of infection such as traveler’s diarrhea, try taking grapefruit seed extract for a quick proven effective recovery.

5.) – Grounding Yourself In Your New Environment

What the latest research suggests is the importance of physically grounding yourself when reaching your destination.

This so that you could adapt yourself to the new environment, as quick as possible.

So whenever you land, this especially when you’re crossing time zones or continents, it’s found that the fastest way to get acclimatized to your new surroundings, is walking barefoot on the ground at your new location.

This is referred to as earthing or grounding yourself, which is also a traditional time tested practice.

What your bare feet and your body needs, is to come in direct contact with the “earth” of your destination.

So what’s recommended is you taking a walk directly on the soil, grass or sand, this to reap the immediate benefits which is grounding.

The reason being that the earth is naturally rich in electrons, which your body connects with.

Once you’re in contact with the ground, these electrons from the earth are then conducted into your body, which brings it to the same exact electrical charge as the earth you’re standing on.

This is also helpful for balancing your circadian rhythms, along with your internal 24-hour biological clock.

Once you ground yourself at your new destination, it’s also known to instantly reduce any signs and the symptoms of stress which is associated with jet lag.

So the next time that you reach your new destination, or once you get home, take your shoes off and go out for a barefoot stroll outdoors.

Adjusting To The Traveling

No one wants that drained out feeling of being down and out, dog tired feeling when traveling.

This especially when you’re pressed for time, and you can’t wait for your energy to recover.

So it’s better to just prepare yourself beforehand by taking a few of these proven preventative measures, which will help you to have a healthy and adventurous traveling experience.

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