The Path Towards Finding Better Ways To Natural Healing

As we grow older, the scale begins to tip towards the need to heal, because of the ravages of aging takes its toll. The feeling of past wrongs begins to control our lives. This could be the small regrets and pains, the sorrows beginning to engulf in doubt, as our maladies not always chronic, adds up.

What results is anger, resentment, and frustration, towards the mind beginning to fail, as it’s not as responsive as it once was.

What’s needed instead is forgiveness of self. It comes down to where you choose to direct your energy. The decision to channel your emotional investment away from the past.

To not spend your energy by making negative deposits on what happened previously in your life.

Once you decide to transition this energy forward, what then happens is the body and mind begins to let go of all the weight which ties you down.

Directing Your Energy

We’ve all heard there’s an aura that surrounds the body, and what it illuminates is a direct reflection of your being.

According to experts, the reason why some won’t heal, is because the energetic exchange which occurs within this field, where our thoughts are translated into energy, isn’t transferred.

These invisible waves of energy or cycles which surrounds the body, is a function of our thoughts.

What these thoughts are is energy waves, which has a direct affect on our health in either a negative or positive way.

Wheel Of Energy

The contributors to this energy that surrounds the body are the 7 major “chakras,” which means vortex or wheel.

What each energy wheel does is collects and interprets information, along with the “perceptions” the mind has about the world.

It’s been scientifically proven each of these 7 wheels of energy, does is directly corresponds to a particular endocrine gland in the body.

So the adage, “You are what you eat” also becomes “You are what you think.”

Letting Go Of Old Wounds

So what needs to be performed is the process of examining your immediate thoughts, and then translating all of the negative energy into positive ones.

There’s a belief the healing process can be an ungrateful one.

The reason for this is because what our previous wounds gives us is power, for a variety reasons.


Using Previous Wounds To Manipulate

Lets say you find a particular situation unsavory, scary, or triggers a personal “hot button.”

What can happen is you avoiding a particular situation, when you need to face it head on.

Or you think you can’t enter a particular relationship, because you’ve been hurt before.

This is when you’re using your previous wounds, to refrain from loving unconditionally from what you deserve.

To Attract Others Who Are Wounded

What this becomes is common, and that’s listening to someone who shares their wounds. Then it becomes a game of sharing each others hurts, to see who has more scars.

Realize there’s a difference between healing from a wound and leading with a wound. What also needs to be realized, is knowing the difference whether it’s healthy or not.

For instance, you know you’re healthy when you are able to listen with empathy. All while not getting out your toolbox of sorrow, to lay out or reveal your wounds unsolicited.

Giving Up Your Ability To Listen

At times, listening to someone is all you need to do in certain situations, when someone asks for your help.

But once you decide to lead with your wounds, what you’re displaying is you can’t deal with the loss of power, as what you’re wanting is the attention to be focused on you.

We humans are far too proud as we lead with our pride, we lead with our wounds and broken ego first, thinking we’re more important.

For instance, someone happens to confide in you they’ve recently lost a loved one. Although you’re listening attentively, what your mind does is searches for a similar event.

You then respond by saying, “Oh I’m so sorry, that’s terrible!” But do you really feel bad, as you think of incidences that happened to your life that were much worse.

What you need is to reclaim your composure, by catching yourself before responding. All this person wanted was for you to lend your ear, to listen to them unconditionally.

Learning To Love Yourself

Once you begin to love yourself more, doing so becomes a constructive step towards self-healing. This however can be the most challenging step to conquer.

The reason for this is because you need to begin where you are, while loving and accepting yourself for who you are. Right now, today.

What this does is helps in the healing process, once you realize you’re stunting your personal growth and health through negative self-talk.

You can then begin to love yourself one piece, on day at a time.

To Self Love Yourself

It begins with you, as you’re the best possible energetic self, and the best possible proven method you can use to heal yourself from within.

On a daily basis, stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes, and send self love to yourself.

Begin small, by finding one part of yourself where you’re able to find perfection. Every day, week, or month, choose a new part of yourself to love.

Before long, what you’ll seen is an image of perfection right before your eyes. What you’ve done is purified your energy.

Try to make this process as simple as possible. All you need is to follow one step at a time, which will make you healthy and happier.

It begins by loving yourself first, and then you can heal yourself from within.

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