The Path Towards Finding Better Ways To Natural Healing

As we grow older, the scale begins to tip towards the need to heal, because of the ravages of aging takes its toll. The feeling of past wrongs begins to control our lives. This could be the small regrets and pains, the sorrows beginning to engulf in doubt, as our maladies not always chronic, adds up.

What results is anger, resentment, and frustration, towards the mind beginning to fail, as it’s not as responsive as it once was.

What’s needed instead is forgiveness of self. It comes down to where …

Why All The Beautiful Girls Silently Cry Alone In The Dark

pretty women cryAs the belief goes, most pretty women dislike, at times despise other pretty women. This is where their competitive nature, their vein of insecurity sets in. They think that the other women they see who are gorgeous and smart, has more to offer than they do.

Women will always compare themselves to other woman, this because they think that’s what their man is doing, which is comparing how pretty she is to her. That their man is lusting over every pretty girl that walks by, that he would rather be …