Come Here If You Want More Magic In Your Unfulfilled Life

We can all lead a more magical mystical path if we want to, as there’s constant reminders of who we are at this exact moment. Whatever it is we’re capable of doing in essence at this very instance in time we can. Never forgot you have magical powers dormant inside you.

Magic, its essence, once you discover and believe has is extraordinary power weaving in its path.

The power of influence seemingly from a source which is considered supernatural, mystical. The true definition of magic itself remains difficult to explain.

Magic, what we all do is attempt to define ourselves, yet there’s no adequate words that can describe the complexity of who we really are.

We’re able to describe what we look like, the work we do, our gender and ethnic heritage.

Yet, there’s no mention that comes close to the truth of whatever it is that animates our being. We remain a mystery, the magic we manifest.

Our Origins Defined

Historians, scientists, philosophers, theologians, all have attempted to describe the origins and the meaning of our existence, this since the very beginning of time.

Religions have been born and formed based on the attempts to define this indefinable. We’ll constantly engage in the endless quest to define who, why, what we are.

We measure ourselves against others and what they’ve accomplished. We’re deluged daily with media images of what’s acceptable or not. There’s an ongoing pursuit to explain what we don’t know.

You are who you are but that’s a constantly moving target. You’re deliciously indescribable as each moment, you become remade.

Every morning you wake up, you begin a brand new identity, a new journey.

The decisions, the choices which you make colours and changes who you are. You become a complete indefinable and magical being, yet we all seem to forget this.

Our Magical Powers

Have you allowed the world to take away all your magic. Every time you have a unique thought or task, you should be giving it life, instead of quelling your creativity.

Everything you do today, adds a different perspective, a new wrinkle of who you are.

Try thinking back to the last time you were really tuned into something you wanted to accomplish.

Remember how much you enjoyed putting together all of the pieces, to create its final outcome.


You weren’t anxious or concerned about what others thought or were doing.

You were “one” with the same energy of your creation. That same dynamic remains possible in all areas of your life.

The Will To Create

Becoming this one with the magical energy of who you are, that’s when you begin to create.

You also create your own limitations by you putting up walls of fear or inadequacy. Embrace your power, determine you need to create everyday.

If you’re able to bake an apple pie, then you can use the same method to create anything else you want in your life. Create the exact recipe which works for you.

Be in and become the harmony with the energy on whatever it is you want to bring into your life. If you’ve made several attempts with no success, then try another way.

Add a bit more or remove something from the recipe. Doing so will put you in tune with the force of magic.

Focusing Your Energy

Where’s your energy at this moment, it has to be somewhere. Is it scattered or harnessed in your focus.

Are you focusing on activities which are life altering, or is it caught up with what someone else is doing.

Is your energy wasted, directed towards getting someone else to change, doing what you want them to do.

What Is Your Self Talk

What’s the topic of the majority of your conversations. Are you sharing your ideas, hopes, and dreams, or are you complaining about how everything isn’t going your way.

There’s just too much of our energy expended this way, our words and thoughts which are directed to what’s going on around us.

What you need to understand is how powerful you are, how magical you are.

Once doing so, you’ll regain the power back that’s wasted on things you can’t control. Why even bother try to control someone else’s emotions or actions.

If someone in your life is causing you friction, it’s because of your choice of being a part of their life.

If you’re not happy with that situation, it’s your choice to leave, go away, move on. Stop living in the past.

You’re not what someone else did to you or whatever it was that was taken from you.

Those events and people have served to shape who you are at this exact moment. What you do today, shapes who you are tomorrow.

Empower Yourself Already

To become truly empowered, reach down to that magical place inside of you and then harness your power.

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are. What’s important is you know you’re the creator of your life.

Is what you want to create harmony and peace, or is it drama and chaos. Are you constantly feeling frustrated and angry, if so just steer the opposite way.

Conflict is an incredible catalyst for change, provided you redirect the energy to move forward. Choose a different path, look at things from a completely different perspective.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, what’s important is you get into a place where you want to.

This Magical Tour

You are magical, so never allow anything or anyone to diminish this power. The magic happens once you leap into the mystical, and become whatever you desire to be.

Since like attracts similar like, to manifest magic
, you need to be the magic.

Just as you can’t define the mysteries of life, don’t bother attempting to define things you can’t control.

Just embrace the undiscovered parts of who you are, and set out on a course which reveals the mystery which dwells inside you. If you must define yourself, then you’re mysticism manifesting.

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