The Personality Traits Needed To Become Successful In Life

Every individual born into this world is genetically programmed to succeed. We all have great potential in some way. Brilliant ideas, unfulfilled goals, grandiose dreams. We all have books within us yet unwritten, successful businesses yet started. A potential soulmate is waiting for us somewhere.

Realize your mind, your skills and talents isn’t a limited natural resource. So never deny yourself of your dreams. It’s your responsibility during your life to reach your destiny. Hopefully sooner than later.

First look at those closest to you right now. Your friends, family, coworkers and spouse. Determine which one of them has positively impacted your life the most.

How are they influencing your dreams, esteem, and potential. Are they destructive or constructive towards your goals. Realize to get better, you need to classify them as who they are.

There are four known personality types when it comes to people. What you need is to grade yourself and those around you, into these human trait categories.

Determine who they are, who you are, and where you and everyone you know fits in as a “success” orientated personality.

1. – The Walking Zombies Among Us

These are people who will suck the energy right out of you and everyone around them. They’ve given up on their dreams and their hopes because of their circumstance in life. They think their fate is not to be happy anytime soon, that they’re cursed.

They lead a destructive life of sabotage, where they believe if they can’t be happy then you shouldn’t be either.

They’ll do everything to impede you from achieving your goals and become successful. That’s their mission in life.

They love to burst your bubble, remind you why you’ll never succeed, by pointing out your past failures and why you can’t achieve anything.

They’ll constantly put you down, once they sense you’re nearing your goals, while they secretly wish they were you. This isn’t done consciously or intentionally, as they may not even realize they’re doing so.

If this is someone close to you, hopefully not your parents, have the courage to break away from them and cut all ties.

2. – The Dreamers

The dreamers of the world are full of creativity. They make noble stabs at success, but their attempts fizzle before they reach or solidify that success. If there’s one hint of failure in their quest, they’ll quit.

They have a plethora of creative ideas, on going projects, all waiting on the runway to become successful, but they fail to take action on them.

They will often say “only if…” or “someday…” or “when such-and-such….” Once they reach the pinnacle of success, for whatever reason they back off.

Their life is stuck in the slow lane of procrastination. They’re scared of success, so they plug along in life in neutral, as laziness derails their focus.


3. – The Achievers

They’re cresting on the peak of becoming successful in life. They’re accomplished, skilful, but they’ve only dipped their toes into the waters of being successful only slightly, and for a short time.

They’ve climbed the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder, found it pleasant, but they stopped a few rungs shy of becoming independant.

They’re comfortable, satisfied with the success and accomplishments they’ve had to date, so they’re fulfilled for now.

So they sit back and relax, reflect, thinking why rock the boat, why push my luck any further. I’ve accomplished more than expected of me.

As a result their life becomes mediocre, they become boring, they refuse to think there’s more to learn.

They’ve decided in their mind, they can’t see themselves moving up to the next level and become a rockstar.

4. – The Ultra Successful Among Us

Their energy is boundless, they’re eternally optimistic, they do what they love and won’t stop. They are always hungry for the next challenge. They are the superstars in life who becomes filthy rich and famous.

Everyone enjoys being around them, everybody wants to be them, as they embrace the cream of what life has to offer, all its challenges and the joys.

They’re constantly striving to improve themselves to get better, they have an insatiable hunger for success.

Like others, these success icons have experienced failure like everyone else, but instead of pouting, what they do is embrace it.

They quickly learn from and fix their mistakes or learn from the experience of others. They will correct any setback, push through and take the next action step.

They’re lifelong learners, they read often, they take risks, and are always improving themselves and everyone around them, regardless of the situation. They thrive on the truth.

They know who they are, what they like, what their role and purpose is, and where they’re going. They make over achievement and massive success look easy.

The Right To Become Successful

Are those people who are currently in your life pushing you up or pulling you down. Are they helping you or hindering you, when it comes to your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Take a look around. If you are the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.

Those who are ultra-successful follow their hearts. It doesn’t matter nor do they care what others say or think about them. They know if and when they’re on the right track, when pursuing their dreams.

Having A Strong Mental Mindset

It’s important to learn and find clues from others, who’s experienced exponential success, by stepping back, and analyzing the greater picture of what these successful individuals are doing.

It’s also easy to get swept up in someone else’s vortex of energy and enthusiasm, so it becomes important to not follow them mindlessly.

Even if duplicating their actions yields good results for you, what you need to do is tailor what they’re doing to your own situation, and current station in life.

This allows you to maximize your own potential, while simultaneously expanding your boundaries to greater heights. Your passion will then kick in, as you recognize the taste of true success.

Know Your Life Calling

Know there’s things in life you’re here to accomplish. What everyone has are great ideas and dreams, but they are lying dormant inside their subconscious. Know your life has great potential.

Unlike your personal computer, your mind doesn’t have limited storage. The mind is open ended and infinite, and you’re wasting it’s intended purpose if you don’t take action.

Realize if you don’t fulfill the mission you’re here to accomplish on earth for yourself, then you’re fulfilling the dreams of someone else. Don’t allow that to happen.

Don’t be denied or ignore the potential you’re destined to realize, as it’s your responsibility. No one else can or should do it for you, so take full accountability of your potential.

Taking The Action Steps Towards Desire

Once you learn how to channel your energy and emotions into burning desire, you’re laying the foundation for exponential success. Harnessing this desire, is the first step.

This desire should be so great, that subconsciously, you’re pouring every ounce of what you’ve got, towards reaching what you were meant to accomplish.

You do all this while others will scoff, smirk and scorn you, calling your dreams impractical, all while you continue to embrace and unleash your greatest imagination, energy and potential.

You then experience surges of productivity and results, allowing yourself to transform mediocre ability into mind-boggling success. This desire, then turns into conviction.

Having The Conviction To Succeed

What conviction has is the power to pull you through any setback, giving you the strength to challenge, tackle, and accomplish any task. The key is to find, and then focus on this conviction.

Once you hone in and focus on what you want, and do so diligently every day, conviction will then rise and cement within you, pushing you to the brink.

This is similar to a space shuttle before launching into orbit.

What it needs is the maximum fuel when it’s readying to launch, to generate the momentum it needs to leave the earths atmosphere, giving it the energy it needs to soar into orbit.

To reach exponential success, what it demands is the greatest amount of initial energy and effort to start, and once it’s in flight, it needs less energy as it goes on autopilot.

Then, whatever success you want to achieve in life, whatever you set your sights on, whatever you dream of, will become true.

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