Creating New Relevant Content When You’re Fresh Out Of Ideas

comingupwithrelevantcontentThere you are, sitting in front of that blinking cursor facing another impending deadline, you have a blank white screen staring back at you. What forms is a cold sweat and trembling hands as you could miss your deadline. So what to do, your mind goes into fear mode as you have nothing new to write about.

What you need to do is hit the reset button in your brain, go back to the basics, and formulate fresh core ideas on the types of content which you’ve written in the past, this to resonate with your reading audience.

The most important being regardless of what type of content you write, quality is always the key ingredient, making a connection. Just simply throwing together a post that’s completely derivative, or has no communal knowledge, won’t sit well with your readers, and can potentially cost you future readers.

The Different Types Of Relevant Content

Making A Timely Post
Always be aware of any upcoming events in your industry which should generate some excellent content ideas for you. The information should be awe inspiring to your audience, while providing crossover interest to those who are searching for this information regarding the event which you’re writing about.

Never attempt to try too hard or become too clever to shoehorn the relevance in. What may be more important is to be timely, as writing about something in November about something which happened in August just won’t be interesting.

Creating Informative Posts
What you intimately know is your industry or niche inside out, so you should have a general idea of which topics would be of interest to your reading audience.

Think about the issues which you’ve dealt with recently. The chances are good that your readers most likely experienced the same ones as well. Write about how you were impacted, and how you dealt with it, and how it impacted them.


Although you may think that your particular experience isn’t worth writing about, it will act as confirmation that they’re not alone, and they’re also going through the same problems, which may lead towards someone commenting on a solution which you may of not thought about.

Making A Humorous Post
If you’re familiar with your audience and its mood, then what you can always do is inject a bit of well timed humor with taste, that will make them laugh.

Google for instance in their various algorithm updates has used animals such as the Penguins, Pandas, and Hummingbirds. So what some are doing is coming up with new animals for their next update. You can also capitalize on doing something just as clever in your industry.

Compiling A “List” Post
This type of post, writing a Top 10 list has been extremely popular in the past, and it’s thought to be making a comeback because of the success which BuzzFeed, for instance, is having.

Making a “list” post is easily digestible for the reader since they know exactly what to expect, and you can make it informative or funny while curating everything. All that’s required is you keep it focused around a specific theme.

Making An Observation
You may see a gap, a need in the market which needs to be filled, which others may have missed. A certain way on how you can solve a problem in your industry better.

You see a smaller piece which you think can add to the puzzle of the bigger picture, then you can write about the details regarding your realization, your discovery or opinion, that your industry can benefit from.

Going A Bit Off Topic
You can inject this type of post sparingly. It can potentially round out the profile or the personality of your company or who you are, when you write about taking a stand, an opposing opinion, or talk about industry achievements which you know can impact your audience.

The risk of doing so however has the potential of alienating certain segments of your readers whenever you express a polarizing view, or those who only care about reading about your product or service.

Making A Futurist Post
You know your industry inside out, where its been and the direction it’s headed, so write about it. Make sure that you let your reading audience know that what they’re reading is complete conjecture, just a prediction on your part.


You can detail out exactly why you think that certain roadblocks in your industry may occur, and why some things may need a change. You can be specific or be as broad as you want, but make sure that you’re prepared to take critical feedback for your ideas.

Making A How-To Post
Similar to an informative post, make a How-To post. Begin by putting together some type of a guide or a whitepaper for your audience, on how best that they can learn to use or take advantage of a certain process, procedure, or situation.

You can help them in recognizing that you’re a leader, an expert as well as an educational resource in your industry or niche, which will make them come back to you.

An “Attack” Post
This you may be a bit careful about, as you can isolate yourself, and as a result it can easily backfire. So at times, it’s better to just respectfully disagree with someone rather than being disrespectful.

This has worked for certain brands, but it does run the risk of alienating or causing a potential online flame war where no one, especially you won’t come out ahead.

Getting organic traffic is a finicky beast and it won’t arrive just because you wrote an interesting post. What you need is to fight and claw past your competition to get those clicks. You’re not going to win every battle, but you need to be consistent and be constantly posting.


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