How Deciding To Take Action Forces Ideas To Become Reality

Your life will move forward once action is taken. Realize knowledge will make you informed, but knowledge itself won’t produce the results you want. One of the biggest myths when it comes to the information age, is knowledge is power. Realize knowledge isn’t power, it’s only potential power.

We all know talk is cheap, to the point we no longer understand the true context of the phrase. We’ve heard it so often, we no longer pay attention to it any longer.

The fact remains, talk means nothing. It’s easy to just talk about things, anything, and as a result, a lot of people do. Most “talk the talk” but won’t back it up.

The difference when it comes to those who succeed or fail, is not what they say they’ll do, but what they accomplish.

We don’t judge people on what they say, but instead on the actions they take. We judge people by their behaviour.

We do so because we know words are worthless, they don’t have the force to create something tangible.

It’s only once the words are backed up by taking action on those words, is when there’s the possibility of creating results.

To Generate Knowledge

What’s known, is most of us are good at gathering plenty of information about things. We become proficient at accumulating knowledge, hopefully which can help us.

We choose to learn something, fill our minds with facts and data, believing the information can enrich our lives somehow.

When pursuing this knowledge, what we’ll often do is continue to perform yet more research, to the point we reach information overload.

Then we ultimately fail to produce the results we originally wanted. We failed to take action.

To Take Action

The key when it comes to accumulating knowledge, is by taking action on what we learned.

Although it’s true gaining knowledge makes us more prepared and informed, but knowledge by itself, regardless of how valuable it is, remains useless.

We can use our entire day gathering facts, believing information is king. This is true only to a certain extent. Knowledge isn’t power, but it can be once it’s acted upon.

Those who succeed in the information age, realizes this.

Everyone can now get access to the same information anyone else can, but it comes down to what you do with it, that makes all the difference.


To Process The Data

What anyone can do is research any type of information they want, as it’s readily available at their fingertips on the Internet.

Where most fail, is to do something with the information they’ve gathered, as what taking action does is produces some type of result, good or bad.

Once you take action, what you’re doing is turning an idea into reality, by using your will to do something. To achieve some type of specific purpose.

Once you do this, what you’re doing is “creating” in the true sense of the word, once you put forth the effort to turn an idea into reality.

What you’re doing is expressing something that’s internal, and making it real.

Every action has a cause and effect, and the end result is what you’re really interested in.

The satisfaction becomes turning your ideas into something that has substance.

Knowledge Needs Action

There’s a gap between knowing what to do, and doing what you know. Most know what to do, to make their lives function, but just doing so isn’t enough.

What’s also needed is taking action on what you’ve learned, to make it real. Something tangible happens once you decide to take action on an idea.

What you set in motion are a series of unforeseen events, where you have no idea what the end consequences will be.

This is similar to throwing a stone in a pond. What the ripple effect on the water does is affects its surroundings, affecting everything that’s in the immediate area of that stone.

That single action, regardless of how insignificant it may be, can potentially have an unforeseen significant impact, even if it’s not immediate.

On a tangible level, what you get is some type of feedback, usually in real time.

A real life experience you can learn from, by taking that action. Things you can’t learn from by just gathering knowledge, or reading books.

Test Your Knowledge

Knowledge has the ability to be stretched, similar to an elastic band. Until you take action, you’re not using this knowledge to its full potential.

Information is internal. Once you decide to transform this information and act on it, is when it has impact on your life. Having intent simply isn’t enough.

We all want to experience, and doing so only comes from engaging yourself, by activating your senses to experience the potential of life, and all its abundance.

Just One Idea

All it takes is just one idea to change your life, and it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

What you need is a single good idea you can use, and have the courage to act on it.

Rarely is it the key information you need, as it’s usually just the start of something new.

What you ultimately want are results, and this only comes from applying what you know.

Now Do Something

Never make the mistake of flooding yourself with information and knowledge, and not taking action.

Instead, focus your mind on doing something to apply the knowledge you’ve gathered, instead of accumulating more data.

Then slowly feed yourself more information, once you’ve taken the original action, and exhausted the previous knowledge.

After all, it’s not what you say you’ll do, but what results you get, which determines if you’ve achieved, or if you’re just talking.