Easily Make Business Or Marketing Videos With Free Video Editors

easyvideoeditingreviewsThere’s hardly a moment that goes by these days without seeing a news story or reading a blog article raving about the benefits of producing and distributing your own online videos of your business, product or service.

The statistics continuously supports and shows the increasing viral effects that online videos can have on attracting website traffic, improving search engine rankings thus increasing product sales. Yet, there are still a lot of online marketers, as well as business owners and online merchants, who are still reluctant to use this proven media strategy.

Now is the time that you should be considering adding videos to your content marketing efforts or for distribution on social networks. You can now easily do it yourself, as it’s easier than ever before.

Google’s You Tube is obviously by far the biggest and best known video broadcasting and sharing site online. YouTube also recently launched their own ‘video editor’ tool, which is extremely good news for potential video producers getting started in this medium.

However, there are quite a few other excellent video editing sites that’s available, that may be just as easy to use, and some even offer additional features. Listed below is a review of the best sources that we recommend, which will help you in implementing your online video strategy for your blog or Web business. You can now take your video development efforts to the next level. The best part about these sites… They’re all free!

The 5 Best Free Video Editors

Movie Masher www.moviemasher.com
Movie Masher allows you to download for free, their video editing tools that will enable you to:
– Mix, trim, composite and timeshift video
– Add effects
– Fade multiple audio tracks
– Add titles and transitions

XML API can also be used to customize the tools by repositioning and colorizing the panels, reconfiguring bundled effects, re-skinning and binding interface controls, as well as being able to integrate with CGI scripts. The edited videos can then be used on any site for free, under their open source license.

JayCut www.jaycut.com
Owners of businesses are able to create product slide-shows or marketing videos quickly as well as easily, using JayCut’s online video editor. The editor itself is browser-based and can also run on mobile devices as well.

The video editing functions include:
– The ability to trim, as well as remix videos
– Add music, effects, transitions, subtitles, captions

This video editor also features automated transcoding as well as one-click exporting to Facebook and/or YouTube. JayCut is an excellent free video editor. This Swedish company also offers an array of fully customized Web video services as well.

Kaltura www.corp.kaltura.com
More than 62,000 Web professionals are currently using Kaltura’s user friendly and flexible open-source online video editing platform to market their products or services online. The best features are their two free online video editing tools, which are the standard and advanced versions.

Both of these versions include superior editing features, which are not found in the other video editors mentioned here. Features such as video and audio layers, timeline-based editing, transitions, overlays and a huge library of effects.

Pixorial www.pixorial.com
Another free excellent browser-based video editing tool. Pixorial’s easy to use online editor allows you to assemble your video footage in a storyboard, and then merge the clips together with titles and transitions.

This site also gives you up to 10 GB of storage space to house your video files, as well as the capability to upload up to 800 MB of files at one time. Video file extensions include: AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, WMV and DV.

Users are then able to upload the edited videos directly onto their sites, or post them across the various social networking sites. You can even order DVD copies of your creation for a nominal fee.

Adobe Premiere Express www.adobe.com
An excellent free video editing tool by a famous name, that is specifically designed for those who are new to online video editing. This editor allows users to be able to create their own videos within minutes, without having to invest in Adobe’s other higher-end video products.

All that’s required is a Web browser and Adobe Flash Player for you to be able to split, reorder and trim your video clips. Add music, titles and transitions, as well as mix in photos, animation or graphics.


The easy to use drag-and-drop controls are designed for beginners starting out in video production and editing. You are able to edit your videos on most of the popular sharing sites from any Internet connection.

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