Giving Thanks Expressions Of Gratitude And Appreciation

giving gratitude appreciation-thank-youJust a simple thank you goes a long way. It’s believed by most that just the acknowledgement of appreciation, giving gratitude, instantly contacts what’s known as one calling the “Higher Self.” It’s a vibrational signature which is also noted in “The Science Of Getting Rich.”

Gratitude taps directly into those emotions which opens into a portal towards a “Higher Mind,” where we’re able to allow insight, wisdom, inspiration and creativity to be able to flow within us. It can also potentially solve solutions to the problems which may plagues us.

The very positive effects of appreciation and carrying forward gratitude has been known and practiced for centuries. The entire structure of positive psychology was actually developed around this practice, as well as various publications listing numerous quotes from both ancient as well as modern day healers are readily available.

Gratitude Or Appreciation
There are however subtle differences in the meaning of gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude focuses more on being thankful towards your fellow person for receiving perhaps a gift, or for something that we have or are happening to be experiencing, something that’s come to us.

Appreciation is more of a feeling of joy, elation or approval as we’re observing something, such as a spectacular sunset at the beach, or an excellent selection of music, or liking a piece of classic art or a movie.

The positive feeling which they portray is the same however, as it’s the emotion which seems to be the power of essence which draws most of the things that we appreciate. There is a famous proverb which states, “When you give thanks for something little, you’ll find a lot.”

When people talk about they being wanting to be ultimately happy, it’s the appreciation that always seems to play a critical role when in that emotional state.

The key to true happiness seems to be you realizing that in most of the circumstances that you face, there’s always something that you can be grateful for, even when on its surface there may be nothing there.

Just Say “Thank You”
Based on recent research that was conducted on a wide variety of people, this by prominent leaders in the healing community, concluded that expressing gratitude as well as appreciation although they may be simple actions, portrayed powerful means of aligning ourselves within our spiritual sources.

They found that simple gratitude will contribute to our happiness as well as our meaning in life. Giving thanks will strengthen our social relationships, improves our health physically as well as mentally while motivating others to act in ways which only enhances the quality of their lives.

Gratitude is spiritually uplifting. Studies have shown that for those who have regularly expressed or written in a gratitude journal had generally more energy, exercised more often, suffered less illnesses, and were a lot more positive about their future.

Gratitude is a gift that we can give ourselves as well as pass it along to others. Appreciation can also be a wonderful thing, it makes what may be excellent in others belong within us as well.

Leading a grateful life doesn’t necessarily require a life of material comforts. Rather, having an interior attitude of being thankful can be sustained, regardless of your life circumstances.

So how much time or effort would it take to for you to create some type of a gratitude journal of your own. Most likely just a few short moments every day, and the benefits of doing so will far outweigh the time that it takes.

By being able to focus daily on what you truly appreciate in your life, and what you may be grateful for, will move your thoughts directly towards additional possibilities, while raising your vibrations as well as allowing insight and inspiration.

Our thoughts have extremely great power since they’re able to activate our emotions. Our emotions drives our words into taking action, which in turn these actions molds and designates our lives.

So if we begin each day with thoughts of appreciation and gratitude, we have then given ourselves a boost for that day. Also, there’s advanced spiritual practices which are not possible without initially getting to that plane of appreciation.


The skill that’s required to be able to get to that place of gratitude as well as appreciation is a prerequisite towards moving ahead with practicing certain meditations.

It’s worthwhile to practice the feeling of gratification as well as appreciation, so you’re able to get to that point where you can “be” in just a few seconds.

Think how helpful it would be to have the skill and the power to be able to instantly tap into that space to be able to contact your Higher Mind whenever you want.

We’re always attracting something, so if we decide to focus on the benefits as well as the beauty that’s around us, we can then attract more of that. This relieves us of the constant whining and complaining and more into the “creating what we really want” zone.

So go ahead and empower yourself by being as aware as possible of what you’re currently thinking, then pivot yourself as well as your mind away from any negatives to a “higher mind” plateau of gratitude and appreciation. Your happiness as well as your health depends on it!

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