How Instant Technology Has Revolutionized Our Current Lives

oldvintagecarFor those who lived pre-1990 or earlier, remember a time of 8-track tapes, rotary telephones, tap water, front bench seats in a car. The only form of entertainment was watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading books and magazines. The younger people saying “What the heck?”

Fast forward to the world today as it’s almost completely reliant on any form of instant digital technology, such as smartphones, the Internet, which is now available anywhere you go, right at your fingertips at all times, how quickly things have changed.

This by using lightening quick computers which doesn’t need a dial-up phone access. These space age advancements even a couple decades ago, would be considered science fiction grade mind-blowing alteration.

Technology has completely reshaped, renovated, how we behave as a society, how we think and react. This instant gratification that we now enjoy has now become such an integrated part of our lives, that many can’t imagine going a day without it, wondering how the world ever existed in the past.

To Be Disconnected
With no technology, what most will find themselves in is a state of complete panic, disarray, as high levels of anxiety sets in once the “low battery” indicator blinks on their smartphones, demonstrating how critical that these devices have become.

Where would we be without the daily Twitter postings of those we don’t know, our Facebook relationships, the stalking at first swipe and the creeping. How empty would our lives be.

Our Thoughts Are Now Transferred On The Internet
Every little thing that we now think of, our annoying little nuances and habits, can now make instant ripples on social media, this regardless of who you are.


The Internet listens and transfers these thoughts precisely. Once anyone feels like sharing something, anything, an idea, whether it be political, philosophical, or entertaining, the Internet and it’s wicked step child social media, is listening.

You don’t need to be famous, just have a cause to become viral on the Internet. You don’t need to be a politician to hide your discretion, to be a Nobel Prize writer to be read on your blog, this thanks to the World Wide Web.

You Can Be A Star
Anyone with online access from anywhere in the world, if they have a cause or anything important to say, regardless if they’re a nobody but with an idea, can share and their thoughts are accepted.

To disclose information, a single image, video, or statement, regardless of the source, can catch lightening and go viral overnight, this through the massive power of the Internet and free speech. Not too long ago, this would be an inconceivable idea.

Citizens, you and I, are now able to contact our politicians or favorite movie star via email or Twitter, protest while standing up for our particular beliefs, this through public online petitions, among any other action that the Internet affords.

The Internet Is Always Listening With An Active Audience
The Internet isn’t just a place where people go to share their information, their ideas and ideals with one another. The Internet is sensitive to your thoughts, the Internet is god, it knows and hears all.

It sees and collects all your sins, your insincerity, as it’s a transparent platform on where anyone can engage any idea, however whimsical it may be, and then expand on them.

For instance, take the Kickstarter funding platform. What a site like Kickstarter does is its an online “pan-handling” forum, where users can propose a cause, a business proposition, anything they need to raise money on, and then collect money to “kickstart” their project.

Anyone can decide to add funds and support the project if they want, allowing the idea to develop further to completion. Without sites like these, most would never get the capital from complete strangers to fund them, and turn their ideas into reality. The older people are now going, “What the heck?”

The Convenience Of The Internet
The web has brought unknowns to fame, this by posting their singing on YouTube, or filming their cat doing back flips on Facebook, using social media to become rich and famous once it catches fire. For everyone, the Internet has become an invaluable resource.


Affords Instant Contact Wherever You Are
With the ease of emailing, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, FaceTime, the list of instant contact availability is endless. What the Internet now allows is immediate and constant communication with anyone in the world, usually for free.

Those who are separated by hundreds of miles or continents apart, no longer need to rely on expensive long distance phone calls, or deliver hand written mail by horseback. Instead, anyone can communicate via video chat right now.

What the various social media apps now allows is for anyone to share every aspect of their lives with others, complete strangers or foes, this either publicly or privately. Anything from pictures of a night out, to vacations, to our relationship statuses, what we had for lunch, complete narcissistic disclosure.

Anyone Is A Fingertip Away
Keeping in touch with anyone is now possible and no longer difficult or expensive. Of course, virtual communication will never truly match or be the same as actual face-to-face interactions, but we’re now afforded more opportunities to keep in touch with anyone.

Although technology can and is proving to be an incredible innovation, what remains obviously more important is maintaining a healthy balance between the non-stop cyber world, and the real live world that we live in.

Although these accommodations, these advancements are proving to be invaluable as well as being important in our society today, what we need is to be careful about not losing sight of the human on the other side, and everything physically around us, while touching ground and relishing the vivid world we live in.

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