How The Instant Convenience Of Technology Is Making Us Lazy

ease of techOne fact for certain is that we as a nation are becoming more obese, this because from childhood, our diets have become instant convenient processed foods. There’s also less physical activity, as the ease that is technology makes our life infinitely easier.

There’s one word which describes this epidemic, and that today’s society is becoming lax. We’re turning into a sack of lethargic couch potatoes, where the only games that we play are computer driven, and not softball games outdoors in the sun where you need to exert.

Instead, we’re now a product of our own demise, as we fall victim to the revolutionary, technological society which is designed to make our lives easier.

This isn’t blaming technology, but rather that people by nature will take that path of least resistance, as we’ll just adopt what’s easy and available to us. It’s not an excuse, but ponder what you do on a typical day.

Rise And Shine
When getting up in the morning, what we once used was shock therapy, as we’d be awaken by the sound of a shrill alarm clock or the loud blare of the radio, demanding us rudely to get up and out of bed.

The alarm would get our blood racing, as we would repeatedly hit the snooze to stop the insanity. After the harsh wake up call, we would rush to the shower, wolf down a few donuts, then get in our cars and then race to work.

A Peaceful Easy Morning
Now, we wake up peacefully to the soothing sounds of the ocean on our iPods, allowing us to wake up slowly and peacefully.

We’ll then jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes to get our heart going and the blood pressure down. We’ll jump into the warm pulsing shower with our waterproof bluetooth headphones, listening to our favorite tunes.

The coffee maker is now able to make individual designer coffee at home, as there’s no need to visit the local caffeine barista, while we conveniently scan our tablet to catch up on the latest news and social highlights.

Then we walk towards our car which automatically starts and warms up, as we set the GPS to find the safest fastest route to the workplace, which warns us of potential traffic clogs, avoiding us from being late or experiencing road rage.

A Relaxed Work Day Begins
Once at work, what we do is check our electronic devices to see what’s on the agenda for the day. We scan and reply to all emails, while also checking the stats and sales on the website, this for any online activity overnight.

Our workday is now completely calculated and streamlined, simple, and uneventful. There’s no longer the need to run around the office to relay messages to everyone, as a simple text will now do.

When it’s time to leave work for the day, the car once again remotely starts, as we find the safest route home.

An Automated Day
Once arriving home, we prepare our previously chopped up, sliced up, blended, stirred, kneaded, poked, prodded, pre-selected meal that’s in the convection oven, or just choose to surrender to the readily available fast food takeout.

Not long ago, doing the simple things such as making dinner was a chore, but now, all you need is to add either water or milk, stir, and place in the microwave.

As the food is instantly available at a push of a few buttons, minutes later, we’re sitting ourselves down in front of the digital TV or tablet, and watching our previously recorded favorite TV shows.

Feel The Disconnect
This would of never happen a couple decades ago, as the world was a lot more chaotic and physically demanding back then.


We would of had to run around everywhere. Scramble to make food, there wouldn’t be anything on TV worth watching, the Internet was slow and boring.

So we had no choice but the do some yard work, clean up the house, play soccer with the kids, anything mindful, this to occupy the time.

But today, we’re completely immersed in our own cocoons, where we all do our own thing. There’s no more board games, family discussions, or movie night.

We are now all individually absorbed into ourselves, as we bury our heads in our smartphones, or watch our own favorite TV shows on our laptop.

The End Of An Easy Day
As the day begins to wind down, instead of doing something that’s constructive before going to bed, we can’t resist the opportunity to surf the Internet.

So with a click of a button, we go on social media to catch up on the latest drama of our friends and family on Facebook, while we check our email for the last time.

Our entire day has been practically on autopilot. So has the convenience of technology made us more efficient or just lazy.

Working For A Living
Is the latest greatest technology a gift or a curse, as its design and designation is to make our lives easier. So are we just falling victim to our environment, or choosing to become prompt and precise. It’s most likely a combination of both.

What this doesn’t mean is that we as a society are becoming lazier, but just finding easier ways to do things. There’s no longer the need to exert ourselves to accomplish the same every day routines we’ve once had to do previously.

You could stop by the gym on your way home, or take a walk after dinner, but these options are no longer feasible. What the Internet instead does is sucks us in at night, falling to its readiness. Shame on you technology for producing my belly fat.

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