Why Jogging Is The Best Available Therapy For Jolting The Mind

running in the rainWhat most think is that running is boring. That getting prodded to run is tiring and sore on the hips, legs, and muscles, as the lungs starts to burn and the breathing becomes labored. What jogging has is a negative perception, of not being that fun to do.

What most then do is avoid jogging for pleasure, considering it a chore. Most don’t want to endure anything which overworks the body to the point of feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Any endurance, such as an emotion or exertion, isn’t always welcome.

What endurance such as running does is creates positive personal growth. This is what everyone realizes once they put on a pair of running shoes. To get outdoors and begin pounding the pavement, battling the elements for the empowerment of jogging.

Jogging happens to be one the most exhilarating exercises you can do for your mind and body, which is motivating, inspiring, an excellent self teacher, all while making you fit.

Running Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Once you go beyond all those snickering couch potato people telling you how ridiculous you look running. Once you don’t care, is when you get your best ideas, solutions to immediate problems that you might be experiencing, just by running.

The more that you push yourself out of your physical comfort zone, the more that your brain and emotions begins to think wild creative radical ideas.

What’s intricately connected is your mind and body, constantly influencing and prompting each another, as they both meld towards the same cause.

Running Gives You Independence
Running isn’t easy, you need the proper body type, so once you adopt this form of fitness, it empowers you, as you realize you’re one of the select few, who’s body is aligned to be able to run, that your body can take the pounding.

What you then do is stop allowing others or things to measure your worth. This because the more that you look externally to validate yourself, the poorer that your attitude gets. What running forces you is to start listening to yourself first.

You Self-Talk Differently
Those wanting to run longer distances, some will initially curse at themselves to push harder and to not give in. But as the lengths begin to mount, the miles get burnt behind you, what you’ll start is to compliment yourself to keep on keeping on.

“Come on baby, you can do it, you’re unstoppable, just keep on running!” The very nature of running forces you this harsh self-talk, but once you get more accomplished in your running, this self-talk turns into encouragement, that you can’t be beaten.

Then You Become An Unstoppable Force
The outdoor elements no longer bothers you. Whether it be the intense glaring sun, persistent wind and rain, barking dogs, the snowy icy conditions, your internal fire to run ignites.

Often, the only people that you see at 5 AM on a rainy Monday morning, are other runners who understands the desire. There’s a strong kinship as what’s known is it’s a sacred thing.

These are all loving positive strangers out there pounding the pavement, violating their joints on harsh cold frigid winter sidewalks. These are also the people who motivates you to get out there and run, this regardless of the time or conditions.

You Lose All Your Self-imposed Limitations
Joggers will dedicate their life to running miles every morning, much like a religion, this to set the foundation for the upcoming day. They dare to push past their limitations both mentally and physically.

The motivation that running provides is to get better, to excel in every facet of life, as what’s connected is the distance and the persistence.

Since running aligns in accordance with you, it becomes a mirror image to whatever it is you want to accomplish that day, what you want to accomplish in your life.


What’s realized is that life can indeed improve, as jogging is progression one step at a time, as the pace quickens.

What’s then realized is that your potential is just self-imposed, ones which you place on yourself. It’s realized that once you change your mind, is when you change your life, this one jog at a time.

You Begin To Exclaim Yourself Better
What running builds is confidence, as each step taken builds stronger muscles along with stronger will. What’s then developed is a belief that anything is possible, once you put your mind to it.

So once you have something to say, you say it with vigor, you shout it out loud with conviction. You begin to refocus your energy from being negative, to becoming enthusiastic.

You begin to encourage yourself along with others, total strangers of the love that you have, and then spread it on thick.

The Pace Speed Or Distance Doesn’t Matter
What matters the most is participating. Getting yourself in the great outdoors and doing something that’s beneficial for your mental and physical health. What jogging does is pushes you to your limits, this just by participating and having fun.

There are some days when you’re extremely fast, while other days you’ll feel sluggish and slow. What you won’t feel is sorry that you decided to go jogging that day.

While most are still in bed, you’re already moving your body and mind. Getting up and working towards your goals is all that matters.

The Earth Becomes Your Connection
What jogging at the local park, the city streets, around the neighborhood does is gives you an appreciation for the beauty of what nature offers.

The fresh air becomes breathtaking, as planet earth becomes your playground. What you begin to appreciate is that the best things in life are indeed free, as you enjoy just existing.

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