How Marketers Can Use Mind Maps By Tracking Consumer Behavior And Interests

Company analysis chartHow can you as an online marketer successfully use Mind Maps and learn how to effectively use them. Mind maps are those visual box diagrams which you often see that acts as a visual road map to solve or explain a problem or situation.

What each square represents are actual diagrams of concepts or tasks which you have in mind, then you’re able to visualize and then connect together the ideas to solve a problem or come up with a solution.

There are a few solutions which you can immediately use which are available online, such as Freemind and Mindomo, which will provide your “idea” crunching team with a way on which you’ll be able to create a visual framework to brainstorm ideas. You will then be able to prioritize all of your tasks and then track your progress. There are unlimited ways in which these mind maps can be used.

Putting Mind Maps In Action
When mind maps are directly applied to messaging as well as content development, there are only a few methods which can be more useful than using these techniques. Online marketers and business owners can employ these mind maps in order to identify not only the primary target groups or identifying audiences, but to be able to drill down deeper into the its sub-groups to precisely explore their various behaviors, interests, as well as beliefs of their potential future customers. This is what can move performance indicators into a forward progress.

How To Use Mind Maps For Customer Development

Analyzing Behavior
While all consumers will have a wide range of interests, this can also directly help online marketers into developing the appropriate product or service which is specific to their needs. The customers user behavior is an important aspect which is important to becoming familiar with their usage patterns in your content development efforts.

Are these end users only interested in your service just on a casual basis or are they “all in,” ultimate power-users? This is important to know so it will provide you with guidance on how your content might be structured or developed.

So lets say that you have a “Healthy Lifestyles” site or blog. So if you create a mind map, it should be able to reveal to you that most of the physical fitness enthusiasts are just involved or interested on a casual basis.


This may provide you with enough information for you to provide content on your blog focused on these casual enthusiasts. Such as, “Five Easy Stomach Exercises To Do When In Your Office” or “How To Get Fit While Sitting Down Watching TV”.

Tracking Interests
All consumers will also have an extremely broad range of interests which will usually have their own unique relationships. One of the easiest ways to reveal this is by mind-mapping them out. For example, going back to the “Healthy Lifestyles” blog where you sell products to enthusiasts looking for a healthier lifestyle.

You’re aware that it’s important you produce relevant content for those readers who are interested in better physical fitness, but you need to drill down further or go into a slightly different direction, and you may just find some associations with say… “Macrobiotic Diets” as well. This would be another sub-group or topic which you can explore.

So when you initially visualize a “mind map” on the these various relationships, that should reveal new destinations and ideas for you to promote a new product or service, but will also reveal an entirely different opportunity to development new content.

User Belief System
The global belief system of your entire audience can also be important when it comes to determining the best potential approach of acquisition through content. When an online marketer is able to understand the “why” of what their consumers are interested in, and can then develop messages which will resonate with these beliefs, the effectiveness of the message can at times explode through the virtual roof.

Using the “Healthy Lifestyles” example, you realize that you need to market additional healthier lifestyle products, and you’ve decided that you want to pursue those who are interested in jogging. You will need to do so as casually as possible.

You need to understand why someone is interested in jogging. You will need to dig a little deeper so that you will be able to eventually come up with an answer, which may be something like “longevity.”

Then you can create an entire series of articles which are based on longevity and its relationship to healthier living, while taking cues from beliefs as well as interests at the same time. So one possible title post can be – “How You Can Live Until You’re 90 While Jogging Fifteen Minutes a Day”.

How You Can Get Started Using Mind Maps
Mind maps are able to provide you with the ability to foster a sound environment of collaboration. It will help you in identifying the best possible and practical solution, as well as providing you with a sound structure where a solid plan of action can then be created.

When it comes to online message-based marketing methods, you should be using these solutions as offerings, while considering it to be nothing more than a creative exercise. They actual do however help in improving the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of your Web business.


Do not focus directly on just the wants or needs of your potential customers, but also key in on their various interests, their beliefs as well as the behaviors of these users to obtain the greatest possible impact.

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