How The Law Of Physics Applies To Your New Startup Business

Realize that the life we’re currently living, every movement on this earth, is directed by a strict and set scientific order. Once it is activated, it’s set into motion, and is generally out of our hands and beyond our control. These natural laws, applies to any living entity, including our life and business.

One such order is gravity. Gravitational forces where entities, bodies of mass moves magnetically with each other, then constantly moves apart from each other. What physics, what general relativity states, is that mass has the ability to curve space and time, which causes this gravitational pull or push.

These bodies of objects which has mass weight, are attracted to each other once they’re thrust towards each other. So how does this basic law of physics, apply to the business world.

The fact remains that you witness this on a daily basis, and most don’t even realize it. This is the same concept which also applies to, and is present in the majority of social interactions, between you and the individuals that you see everyday.

The Gravitational Effect In Business
Often, larger businesses will buy out smaller business which are similar to them. They do so because these new startups can serve a function for them, or they can become direct competition if grow larger, which poses a potential danger to them.

What these smaller businesses will do, is naturally gravitate towards these larger businesses. The larger businesses will often buy out these startups, to become more versatile.

Some startups will even create and tailor their business, in the hopes of being bought out by a bigger company.


The Push Pull And Force Of Business
These larger companies at times, can also become bullies and attempt to force these startups out of business, intentionally.

They usually have the manpower and the resources to lower their prices, realize smaller profits, to squeeze them out.

The smaller businesses are then left with a few options: adapt, sell out, or go out of business. Usually, the best solution is to just gravitate towards the bigger businesses, and surrender. There are methods however of ridding of these issues, this by creating their own gravity.

The Law Of Physics Applied To Mass
In the physical world, what you can theoretically do is compress a large body of mass, and then compress it into a smaller space. The law of physics refers to this as singularity.

It can be similar, to getting the mass of the Sun and then attempting to compress it into the size of a basketball. By doing so, what you’re doing is curving space and time, this however in an impossible and indescribable way.

Another way is accelerating a body of mass at extremely high speeds, as relativistic mass will increase with speed. The forces which are experienced by objects undergoes constant acceleration, which becomes indistinguishable from those that are in the gravitational field.

For instance, whenever you’re in an elevator and going up, you’ll begin to feel heavier, this because what you feel are the effects of the force, the pull of gravity, and the effects of upward acceleration.

Once you accelerate a large mass close to the speed of light, what you create is a strong gravitational field. What this requires is extreme energy, as the mass increases along with the increase in speed. You’ll then need yet more energy to accelerate it.

The Same Law Of Physics As Applied To Business
You can apply this same law of physics to business, based on this analogy. What you need to do is begin accelerating, always be in motion, even if you’re not sure how you’re going to reach your goal.

To get there, to accomplish your goal, you need to be constantly moving forward. Taking action makes all the difference, as you can always correct the direction of your efforts if you need to.


To accelerate past or rid of the competition, you’ll need to create a product or service that no one has offered before, or improve on an existing one. This new “thing,” this new invention needs to be in demand, affordable, and be useful.

The better that it is, the larger its mass, the heavier that it is, it should then generate more profits for you, which ultimately makes you more money.

Developing And Accelerating Mass
Once you’ve developed this large “mass” object, you’ll need to accelerate it. You’ll need to place this product on the marketplace, and then apply massive energy at the beginning.

You’ll begin to realize profits, by announcing your new ground breaking innovation to the world. You let a vast amount of people know, about your “new and improved” product or service.

This may take a while, perhaps months or even years of struggle. But eventually, hopefully, once the masses or big business begins to notice you, you’re well on your way. Once your competition finds out about your product or service that’s profitable, they’ll take notice.

They’ll try to steal it, imitate it, design around it. But by that time, whatever they do and however you choose to counteract them, won’t matter that much, as you’ve already done all the legwork, it’s already history.

It All Comes Down To Timing
Timing becomes everything. If you’re first in marketing a profitable product, and you know what you’re doing, there’s no way you can lose out. You’ll arrive before big business will.

Then the time will come, that you can sell the entire product or business to your competition, to “big business,” and then retire off into the sunset. You can also break it up, and sell the parts while receiving royalties.

Regardless of what happens, the heavy lifting is done, it’s history. You’ve profited and made the money. You’re now happily enjoying life, or you can come up with another great new idea, and then repeat the startup process all over again.