How The Top Social Media Authorities Author Their Content

become an authority on social mediaIt comes down to how you stand up and stand out in a sea of redundant competition. It’s about earning respect, getting noticed in the busy rapidly flowing currents that is social media. The necessity of relevant communication.

For those who bond, forge a written path, it can become a tightly knit spiral regardless of their niche or industry, this across a vast audience base. What they’re asking for is influencing the minds of others on how they should think about a topic, become conversation firestarters, make them take notice.

Along with generating a massive readership with their content, they have a certain methodology behind what they do, how they do it and get away with it. Learn how these social media experts engage with their followers.

The ability to be able to stand out and be chosen in a noisy busy social environment helps them build their audiences, connecting with them on a contextual basis. What they do is keep their brand relevant in the public eye.

They Make The Drab Exciting
Everyone is basically vanilla extract, what they do is follow the crowd, which fails to grab anyone’s attention. Those who are extraordinary stand out because they always have a different perspective, an abstract viewpoint on the same topic. Say something different, be controversial, funny, or contrary.

In a world where everyone else writes or speaks about self-help or how to lose fat, instead, these outstanding writers become a parody of themselves, become quirky, they take a self deprecating stand on themselves, become funny in a world that hungers for laughter.

These are the individuals who have 100,000 followers on social media, and they’ll religiously follow, listen, and share their insights because they don’t spout off, whine or complain, or tell boring bland stories of convention.


So take an unique approach, create rather than compete, make something, take anything that’s considered tedious and mundane and make it interesting. Find happiness in it. Develop an new adventure where your social media readers could participate.

They’re Extremely Connected And Trendy
They know how to read the pulse, the rhythm of their readership. They’re in tune with themselves and the world around them, they speak your language of passion, your conscious, your concerns.

What they’ll do is research information voraciously. They devour data at extraordinary speeds as a morning snack. They sleep on it, breathe it, eat the fiber of what you want, then they translate it with a tinge of their passion. They place themselves on the forefront of any niche, any industry.

While everyone else is talking, writing about the morning after what occurred the night before, which is old news, what these influencers write about is what’s about to happen, tomorrow.

They tell you because they assume you already know everything about what already happened yesterday, so instead, they give you details on what’s about to develop in the future, what’s on the horizon.

They Know What You’re Looking For
These social media rockstars don’t operate on their ego or in a vacuum, churn out rehashed updates, provide content like the masses do. They have a pulse on their audience and know exactly what they want, what you like, most often before you know yourself.

Knowing what your followers want goes far beyond demographics or geographics. What they’ll do is converse, engage, listen intently, this so they can truly get the vibration of what drives their people.

They have a hunger for what their audience insights are, which drives them to create that next new groundbreaking piece of gasping content, which then fuels their next project.

They just ignore, they don’t get influenced by the popular opinion of others, follow what the crowd is thinking, but would rather swim against the tide. They’re always looking to be different, for something different. They pay attention to what you’re saying in a hundred different ways.

They’ll collect this data through sentiment or social media activity tracking, or through their blog analytics. The difference is they care about what matters to you, what would be useful for you. Then they hope to help and entertain, inform you with their viewpoints.


They Provide Extraordinary Content
Killer content is king. What they’re capable of doing is banging out steady consistent streams of relevant information which always stands out, this in a wasteland of noise, this regardless of niche. They create content that their readers want to share.

The content is by original research, they share their own unique vision of a news topic, they turn bland information into stunning organized visuals, they blog prolifically.

Whatever medium that they use, these social media darlings love creating new awesome unique content, and they’ve mastered the techniques which allows them to scale their efforts by providing new content daily.

In a world where there’s plenty of brilliance, the ones who stands out are those who have skillfully crafted a method of getting their message across to the precise audience.

They’re Extremely Reliable
They’re consistent, you know exactly what you’re getting. They know the value of the economy of words, of not wasting publication space, or giving out false information or hope, which can lead their readers astray.

This the reasons why they’re considered to be authority figures in their industry, influential because they’re extremely trustworthy, they speak a gospel of principle.

It can at times take ages to build up this trust and reputation, and just one poorly crafted statement can make it all crash down, so they’re extremely careful regarding what they produce.

They stand out, their heads lifted proudly above the crowd because of their consistently, time and time again they provide, they prove to the masses that they’re voice is worth listening to.


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