How The Various Diseases Of The Gut Can Result In Inflammation

causes of gut diseasesThere are numerous diseases of the digestive system, as it’s an extremely complex organ which has an important job. The chain reaction process begins once any type of food enters the mouth, mixes with saliva, and the chewed food travels down the hatch to the stomach.

This is when the food meets with the digesting enzymes along with other chemicals. The food mixes in with the stomach secretions that are released. This mixture then moves into the small intestine, where the remainder of the body activates into action.

The liver and the pancreas releases digestive enzymes which breaks down the fat, protein, and the complex carbohydrates into sugars, amino acids, and simple fats, which are then absorbed by the small intestine.

The large intestine then activates into action by breaking down the undigested food, fiber, and water, sending this mixture through the colon, which dehydrates it, becoming solid and turning into stool.

Inflammatory diseases of the stomach, such as colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, etc., is the bodies response to injury or illness. For these ailments, the inflammatory response attacks the digestive track, becoming auto-immune.

When Intestinal Areas Go Wrong
What the gastrointestinal system needs is a certain level of good bacteria, otherwise the chemistry goes bad. Why gut bacteria goes bad is because of the presence of antibiotics. These antibiotics are needed however to get the infection or illness under control.

The side effect of the antibiotics, is they’ll offset the bacterial balance which is present in the intestines, and once the body loses this delicate balance, disease sets in.

The inflammatory response that it sends to the intestines are designed to heal whatever damage that it encounters. What it can’t replace however is the beneficial gut bacteria, resulting in an inflammatory response which attacks the intestines.

This attack worsens if the beneficial bacterial level is already low, as the chemistry in the body begins to work against you, and the foods that you could once tolerate, becomes your worst nightmare.

Allergy To Certain Foods
What you then develop are allergic reactions to eating certain foods, and the symptoms can escalate quickly. This can become an embarrassing and humbling situation, this because running to the restroom can occur up to 25 times per day.

It’s believed that 20% percent of the population suffers from these types of diseases. Stress is known to be a major contributor, this especially for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS.

The more stress that’s felt, the worse the disease gets. So lowering stress becomes essential for recovery. What’s known is that the intestines becomes particularly sensitive, so relaxation becomes mandatory, which calms down the body and mind.

To Reduce Gastrointestinal Issues
What most are recommending is juicing, this since the body has difficulty with processing hard fibers that are found in most fruits and vegetables, which causes the gastrointestinal tract to inflame, resulting in it functioning poorly.

What the juicing process does is removes these hard fibers, while still providing the necessary nutrients such as anti-oxidants, which the fruits and vegetables are rich in.

Need For Anti-oxidants
The body desperately needs a large amount of anti-oxidants on a daily basis to fight off free-radicals. Free-radicals are atoms which are missing an electron, while anti-oxidants are atoms or molecules which has an extra electron to spare.

What’s not possible is escaping from these free-radicals from entering the body, and then doing the damage that they do. They’re found in the polluted air and water we absorb, or the bad processed foods we eat.

Free-radicals are also found in the medication that we’re prescribed, which are known as side effects. What they do is attack the healthy cells, attempting to “steal” the missing electrons from the healthy cells in the body.


Since anti-oxidants have an extra electron to spare, what they do is gives it to the free-radical, which then stops it from attacking the healthy cells. So it becomes important to absorb as much anti-oxidants as possible.

Best Sources Of Anti-Oxidants
The majority of fresh fruits and vegetables contain massive amounts of anti-oxidants, but are no match to the amount of free-radicals which enters the body daily, which are in the billions.

Since minerals and vitamins also contain anti-oxidants, supplementation with a good natural multi-vitamin becomes important. The best sources however are fresh supplies of various organic produce, since they hold their potency the longest.

Controlling Inflammation
What’s equally as important when it comes to the recovery process, is controlling inflammation. Realize that it’s the free-radicals which activates every disease and illness in the body.

What’s also known is that once the inflammation becomes chronic, is what activates and spreads every medical issue that occurs in the intestines, and the reason why experts “tag” it as the silent killer.

When there’s any type of disease, trauma, or injury to the body, regardless of how it happens, inflammation is the natural reaction by the body to heal and protect itself.

What the inflammation does is forces tiny vessels which are in our tissues to expand, this so that the white blood cells which normally wouldn’t fit, are able to squeeze into the space, which activates the healing process.

When it comes to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the inflammation response becomes angered, this instead of helping the healing, as it turns on itself, which then results in the chronic inflammation.

The Process Of Inflammation
Inflammation begins with the COX 2 enzyme. What the COX 1 does is preserves the platelet function which is needed for preventing blood clotting, while protecting the stomach lining.

What COX 2 does is causes inflammation and pain, being found persistent in brain and spinal cord tumors including Alzheimer’s, which results in degeneration of the brain tissue because of the chronic inflammation.

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