How To Age Gracefully Natural Steps To Anti Aging

tips to stay young_anti_agingWhen we begin discussing how to fight the effects of aging, no one really seems takes into account the competencies that has accumulated over the past few years. This includes our extended social networks, learning from our friends and family, and the freedom that culminates from building a career and raising a family.

The natural desire is to fight off the ravages of aging, and it’s associated results such as: the loss of strength and energy, declining health and poor appearance. There are some immediate steps that we can take however, to live a fuller life at a more optimal level, regardless of what our age is.

These basic practical ideas do not require any specialists nor do they cost very much to implement. Rather, all that’s needed is an exercise in faith and willpower, as well as a conscious commitment to living life purposefully and savoring every day that we live.

Listed are some of the tips that you can use as well as embrace, allowing you to look and feel much younger than you really are.

5 Natural Steps To Looking Younger Fight Anti Aging

Always Be Breathing Deeply
There’s actually just a thin layer of air that surrounds our planet, and that’s all that’s needed to serve as the foundation of our existance. If we are deprived of this oxygen, our bodies will cease to function, but it’s not enough just to merely breathe in and out.

We need to maximize the intake of this oxygen that naturally enriches our blood, as well as fueling each and every cell in our bodies. Something that is as simple as sitting straighter at your desk will instantly free your lungs to be able to draw in more air, which benefits our muscles and bones as well.

But you should be aware of what you are breathing in. There are plenty of pollutants and toxins that can follow the air down the same pathway into your lungs and body. Walk, or better yet run where the air is pure and clean. Avoid breathing in any pollutants whenever possible.

Drink Lot’s Of Liquids And Do It Often
Water as you know is the major component of our bodies, and everyday, we’re in a constant battle to restore and retain it. We can lose water when we perspire, as our bodies naturally cools itself. This happen every time that we inhale and exhale. We also lose water and toxins whenever our systems flush out waste from our bodies.

To keep well hydrated, make sure you drink lots of pure clean crisp water throughout the day, more when there is extreme heat, or during physical exertion such as exercising.

Always Eat Wholesome Foods
At times, it seems like we are more concerned on how well our dog is eating, or what type of gas we put in our cars, instead of the type of food that we put in our bodies. There is a lot of food on the supermarket shelf these days, foods that has lost a lot of its nutritional value when processed. The labels have unrecognizable, unpronounceable fillers and compounds that has been added to increase their shelf life.

So make sure that you build your menu and diet around whole natural foods, as unprocessed as possible. Avoid any types of chemical additives, both for the good of your body as well as the planet. Increase the intake of plant-based protein instead of eating red meat.

Try to adopt the mindset that “less is more.” Eating more smaller meals frequently during the day, has proven to allow your body to function a lot more efficiently, while getting the maximum value from what you eat.

Oh Heavenly Sunshine
Our bodies need pure direct sunlight to be able to produce vitamin D, and there are studies finding that most people are deficient in getting this essential nutrient. The simple answer is, they are not getting enough sun.

But it is a bit of a Catch 22 situation because there is mounting evidence that supports the Sun’s powerful UV rays may be damaging our skin, more than previously thought, resulting in unwanted wrinkles or spotting of the skin. The sun can also contribute to the development of skin cancer as well.

So what do we do? Dermatologists are advocating that we need to get under the sun, but we should limit our exposure to 25 to 30 minutes a day. Getting any more additional exposure won’t contribute to any more vitamin-D production. So you need to find the proper balance based on your skin type and age. So guard yourself against too much exposure, but instead include lots of vitamin D based rich foods and vitamin D supplements in your diet instead.

Shake That Booty
There are a lot of options in the type of exercise that we can choose from. The key is that you need to exercise daily in one form or another. The negative effects of leading a sedentary nonactive ‘couch potatoe’ lifestyle are absolutely beyond debate. It’s critical that you make some type of physical activity as an integral part of your daily life and routine.

It is guaranteed that exercising will return a lot more benefits than the time and effort that you put in to it.


A Regular Exercise Routine Results In:
• Healthier stronger bones
• An increased metabolic rate
• Better control of your weight
• Better blood sugar levels
• Enhanced immunity
• A healthier heart, and
• A much more positive outlook…

We can obviously go on and on, but you get the message.

So start small, take baby steps. Begin with walking, start taking the stairs, or go swimming. Make exercise a routine part of your life, just like eating and sleeping, something that you wouldn’t think of going without. Make sure that you consult your doctor or a fitness expert first, to avoid any injuries or health concerns as you step up your workout regimen. Never use the ‘date’ that’s on your birth certificate, or your body type as any type of excuse! Nobody is too young or too old to start exercising, so start participating now.

Reset Your Buttons Get Proper Rest
• Everyone these days is always busy
• There seems to be way too many demands on our time
• There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day

Yes, we’ve heard them all. What our bodies need is time to rest, reset, renew and rebuild our cells, systems and mental capacities. When we deprive ourselves of the deserved rest that we need, it will inevitably lead to health problems. Our immune system thus gets weakened.

Soon, we begin to feel and look our age, or at times even worse. You need to think that a good night’s sleep is an investment in yourself for a more energized youthful body, resulting in a more productive life when you are awake. You need to stack the odds, while embracing the passage of time and incorporate that as a part of your life’s grand adventure.

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