How To Become An Authority Blogging Specialist In Your Niche

someone with authorityThere are those who just oozes authority, while others not so much. The masses of people divide, they fall on their knees in their praise, giving them the respect so they can perfect their knowledge. How do they manage to get all of this esteem and admiration.

This is what represents the power of those we have authority. What it does is attracts attention, communicates credibility as being the “word,” which motivates action. As a blogger your work is cut out. In a sea of millions of others, you need to stand out.

On a daily basis, what we’re bombarded with are massive amounts of information on the Internet, from social media to multitudes of emails and texts, along with countless videos which we are asked to consume.

What we live in is an extremely noisy distracting world. So a voice of authority is what most will flock to. But your message, your blog is a whimper, impossible for anyone to hear above the noise.

Becoming More Aware
Once you decide to become a recognized expert in your area of expertise, then there’s no need to shout, this because people will drive to you, become magnetized.

What they’ll do is seek you out, and then consume everything that you offer as gospel. So how do you get this authority. Similar to respect, you need to earn it.

What all bloggers and writers want is to become the word, but to them they have no idea how, as it remains almost impossible and far fetched to do.


What needs to be known is which path to take, the right shortcuts, which can set off a chain reaction which positions one as the go to source in their field.

Show Me Authority
Who we brand as an authority are those who has provided tangible proof in the past, along with those who stands out and confidently asserts their brilliant persona.

Building credibility is gaining experience and knowledge, placing oneself in suggesting that they are a credible confidant to follow.

Be Original Tell Your Story
What stories do is provoke, so they’re extremely powerful. What facts do is they prove that you’ve done your research. What blending your story with facts does is it creates a bond with your audience.

So use the story of your life to build a connection with your readers. Always tell stories of your struggles, the hardships, obstacles, challenges, and the fears that you’ve endured.

Others also want to know that you’ve struggled, as then they are able to relate to you. People refuse to connect with those who appears too perfect or arrogant.

Tell the story on how you mastered what you do. What you’ve learned and how and who you learned it from. Show proof of your validity.

Prove you didn’t just read a “How to” manual, but you worked hard to refine your methods, then tell the story of how you crossed the barrier to success.

Tell what it’s like being on the other side, paint a step by step picture. Explain how you’ve failed, just like everyone else, then explain how you overcame the failure to success, stories everyone wants to hear.

Take A Firm Stand
Those who are true authority figures never shift or stray. They don’t play sides or aim to please everyone. Instead, what they do is take a firm stance, the critics be damned.


It’s risky however to say what’s right and what’s wrong, which invites criticism, something that most will try to avoid.

So if you’re wanting to become a respected authority, you need to be willing to take a risk, a foothold, hopefully it’s the right one.

Reveal, take a bite into the theories and myths of your industry. Express a firm opinion on your vision, your beliefs. While everyone else plays safe and remains in mediocrity, you’re mission is defined.

Be On A Mission
We’ve all read posts which can inform, entertain, or engage, but the tonic is the ability to inspire. What this requires is clear cut focus, not just on the what, but also on how and why.

So what’s your mission. What is it that you believe drives your convictions. What’s the core message you’re wanting to share with the world. The difference, the hill that you’re willing to die on.

Most will forget what they’ve read the moment they’ve read it. So you need to strangle their emotions, live their dream, rattle their cage, then you’ll be remembered.

Prove What You Can Do
You can talk about it forever, you can write about it endlessly, allow others to talk about it, but there’s nothing as effective as proving it, showing that you live it.

So if at possible, demonstrate your expertise to everyone by showing. Display your superpower which should then solidify your authority, elevate your status.

Create Your Own Distinct Signature
The majority of bloggers are haphazard, as they’ll shift from one topic to another without a dominant theme. What they do is waver by taking on a different viewpoint every time they write.

So what makes a true authority is an established signature framework. A proven unique statement which concisely outlines their path. So have a specific approach, a style which underpins everything you do.

Show Your Substance
Imagine a blog which offers a variety of posts that’s related to making money. Now compare that to an authority blog by an author who has documented legendary proof, you can immediately see the difference.

A guru isn’t some flake who throws out rehashed unconnected information. What their statements imply is a history of validated knowledge, of effort and understanding, all the trials and tribulations, but most importantly proof.

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