How To Control Your Huge Ego So You Don’t Come Across As A Raging Moron

We all have this thing that at times can rule our lives, this thing called an ego. Whether it be big, small, out of control and spoiled, or finely tuned and balanced. It’s up to you. Understanding, controlling and putting a harness on it, towards our best interests can become a bit elusive, but a sign of emotional intelligence. Some will need to take a step back, and see how disputing or disruptive their ego is.

Our ego is a mirror of our self-image. The service that it provides, is it makes others aware of who we are as individuals, this unique from everyone else. It’s this “you,” the individuality that others will typically relate to, saying yup, that’s you in a nutshell.

It’s not the true reveal of who we are however, but instead the ego is the moderator for our more vulnerable higher self. The ego is what dictates how you choose to display yourself to everyone in the physical world, how you reveal yourself in social situations.

Since the ego is just a cloak of who you are, it can block out your true self, this once challenged. Although the ego serves an important purpose, an ego that’s raging out of control like a wildfire, can project you as arrogant, unlovable, or mean.

The Ego Isn’t A True Representation Of Yourself
Know that the ego, doesn’t truly project who you really are, giving you the excuse to not rely on it that much. Thus removing the burden it carries, as being an expansion of what your personality is.

Once you begin to regulate and control your ego more efficiently, it then becomes easier for you to follow the guidance of your higher self, allowing you to make better decisions based on mindfulness and passion, this rather than separation.


To Control The Ego
There are signals, ways of knowing if your ego is out of control. You also need to know, that it can come in handy at times. What’s more important, is knowing what these signals are.

Once you react in a certain manner that’s uncharacteristic of you, know that it’s usually your ego that’s getting away from you and running rampant.

So become aware of the signs of an out of control ego, and then learn how you can harness it. This begins with dismissing what’s not serving you well. Realize that a big ego is just an illusion, and not the true you.

Signs Of An Ego That’s Out Of Control
• You argue or pick fights with others
• You complain frequently until you get what you want
• You become defensive once you’re criticized
• You become self-critical, speaking badly about yourself and others
• You have a difficult time apologizing, especially when you’re proven wrong
• You become extremely impatient, while becoming judgmental of others

Separation From The Ego
What we can experience, is our ego behaving badly at times, this to varying degrees. If we have a big massive one that we can’t control, we can then become disconnected from who we really are. We appear crazy.

This unwanted activity, can suddenly occur during various stages of stress. This because the ego reacts as a separate entity, this from who we really are, acting as a protector from us getting hurt or injured.

And because the ego thinks it’s completely independent, what it often feels is that it needs to stand up and justify itself. How important it is to itself and everyone else.

This is also what the ego is secretly afraid of, and what makes it unique from anything else. This is why at times it spirals out of control, as one become hostile or aggressive, as it needs to prove its worth.

The Mind Thinks Otherwise
The mind, the higher self doesn’t feel the need to justify or defend itself under any circumstances. It focuses instead on making amends with everyone, this rather than the separation that the ego thinks it needs to create.

So as a result, someone who’s highly connected with themselves, mindful, will make choices based on compassion and patience, this because of the realization that we are all “one.” That helping others is helping oneself.


Connecting Better With The Ego
For anyone looking to connect better with their ego, one way is relaxing by meditating. This because when meditating, one can become aligned with their higher self, this while observing their ego’s thoughts from a different perspective.

Meditation doesn’t need to be mystical, as all it does is connects deeper with the oneness, which becomes easier to do over time. What it does, is it reveals how the ego masks the true you.

Eventually, all the destructive chatter that’s coming from the ego will dissipate, allowing you to know if you’re making ego based decisions or not, when facing stress.

To Have A Healthy Ego
The ego always isn’t the culprit, but it reveals who we are as individuals. We feel we need to display our uniqueness, while defending our vulnerability from others.

It’s our interconnectedness however, which bonds us humans together. It’s our happiness, love, and prosperity, which becomes important, this to maintain strong relationships.

So the intent isn’t to rid of the inflated ego, but to give it less responsibility. Allow it to interpret the world for you, but release it from making decisions on how you should be thinking or reacting.

Once handing over the responsibilities of making decisions to the higher self, what you’ll then make are better vibrational choices, which leads to more happiness and better sanity.

This way, we can then make sound objectives, this based on the idea that we’re in this together, while not opposing or constantly questioning the motives of others.

We can then view others as allies, extensions of ourselves while treating them as we would be wanted to be treated ourselves.

This is the reason why we need to recognize and control our ego, which allows our true selves to shine through the mask.