A Skeptics Guide If Psychic Phenomenon Really Exists

There’s skepticism and for good reason whether psychic phenomenon, such as the ability to read minds or bend spoons actually exists. Those who wear tinfoil hats are usually seen as a distinct type of nut. There are superstitious beings among us, with a distorted view of actual world reality.

They believe, but their views aren’t rational and they usually don’t pass the scientific or mathematical test of logical reasoning, specifically the law of physics.

But they persist, they’re among us and are on the rampage. There are a large group of believers who are convinced the paranormal exists.

What’s the most believable and on the surface of this is precognition. This is the ability to predict or feel what’s about to happen telepathically.

There has been traces of evidence however, that certain abnormal incidences of paranormal can be possible.

What most are willing to admit is at one time or another, they’ve felt some type of psychic incident which was too significant or coincidental to dismiss.

Most experience these instances of precognition every now and then, but think nothing of them, passing it off as deja-vu.

Our Conscious Mind

Our consciousness mind which is a product of our brain waves, is actually an illusion which is produced by our cognitive activity. This is theory however and there’s no ground evidence of this.

What most scientists in this field still don’t understand, is how the brain actually gives rise to consciousness.

The theory is the brain itself isn’t able to produce consciousness. But rather it can receive consciousness, which exists outside of us.

It’s thought consciousness is the fundamental property of the universe, which is everything and everywhere.

The Auto Electric Brain Waves

The brain functions much like a transistor radio. It has the ability to pick up certain consciousness vibes that’s all around us, and then transfer them into our own individual thinking.

This model of consciousness is also consistent with telepathy.

What’s known is there’s a connection between us as living entities, who can share a network of consciousness where information is exchanged.

The transistor “radio” theory of conduction, also makes sense based on the idea consciousness is produced by the brain.

If the brain happens to be damaged or turned “off,” it would impair this consciousness, much like a broken or poor reception of a radio.


The Science Of Physics On Telepathy

Most claim telepathy can’t simply exist, because what they do is contravene the laws of physics.

If it did exist, then we’d need to completely rewrite the science books, as well as our understanding of how the universe works.

When it comes to quantum physics however, it’s thought telepathy can somewhat be explained.

For instance, there’s the phenomenon which is known as quantum entanglement, where what appears as separate particles are actually interconnected.

They’re capable of reacting to one others movements, so they’re not treated as independent units, but rather parts of a whole system.

What this suggests is all things are interconnected. This also includes the possibility of transmitting thoughts telepathically.

At the very least, what quantum physics supports is the world we live in is a lot more complex than it appears to be. This far beyond our normal awareness.

There is phenomena that exists which we can’t understand, explain, let alone conceive.

Reasons To Believe

One reason to believe in psychic phenomena, is simply because we can’t ignore it. Some experts assume our present vision when it comes to reality is fairly objective and reliable.

These scientists also believe, the world as we see it corresponds to how the world really is.

That there are no other forces or natural laws which exists beyond those we’re presently aware of.

To some, this viewpoint is arrogant, similar to we’re the only living breathing thinking species in the entire universe.

But look up into the skies. You’ll realize we’re just a speck in the vast universe. What we have is limited awareness of our reality.

How Aware Are We

For instance, compare our level of awareness as humans beings, with our dog or an insect.

We’re infinitely more aware of the world than these living creatures. We know a lot more concepts and phenomena than “Fido” the puppy will ever be aware of.

There’s no question we have deeper awareness of reality, than any other animal or mammal on this planet.

It’s extremely unlikely and also ignorant of us to think our awareness is complete. That we know everything this world and the universe has to offer.

In the future, it’s definite we humans will have a lot more intense awareness of reality. Who we are and what we’re capable of, than we currently do today.

It’s also more than likely there are extraordinary energy forces in the universe, which are far beyond what we can currently understand, perceive, or detect.

We might be at the cusp of being aware of some of this phenomenon, this without being completely aware of the phenomena itself.

This “unknown” could very well be precognition or telepathy.

The Skepticism Of The Skeptics

For all of these reasons, some will dedicate their lives to debunk psychic phenomena, usually out of fear. Thinking it’s only for the whacked out conspiracy theorists.

What attempting to explain human life, along with what we can potentially do in the world is a powerful hunger.

This is similar to religion, which provides a sense of reasoning along with the individual’s position in their life and the world.

The skeptics in these cases can react in extremely hostile ways for both. Anything that strongly contradicts an altered view of the world.

The Wacky World Out There

What’s created as a result is cognitive dissonance. This is where those who “believe” will stake their stand and go to the ends of the earth to explain or defend any contradictory evidence.

There’s also the fear of the unexplained. What most want to live in, is a world which offers a feeling of control. To feel we have tamed nature and the universe.

If we admit there are unknown forces we can’t explain on this earth, then the world becomes a strange uncomfortable place.

The Truth Is Out There

What this does is it weakens our power and the control we want. A strong argument and the reason why skeptics, become reluctant to accept anything that’s contrary.

There are reasons to keep an open mind, and to accept the weird and the unknown.

Accept there may be something lurking in the dark, which is beyond our current understanding of logic and science.

This doesn’t mean you should become gullible, but to examine there’s other beliefs and forces out there in our midst.

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