How To Get More Focused Visitor Conversions On Your Site

someone browsing the internet reading your materialYou could be giving away gold bars on your website, but if no one knows or cares, then it’s completely pointless. So what you need is a steady stream of pure focused visitor traffic to your webpages, and you need lots of it. This traffic should also be as inexpensive as possible, preferably free.

For the majority of online marketers, what they’re discovering is that their efforts of using paid online ads, which can be costly, to attract this traffic can be a money burning furnace.

So how can you double or triple your visitor traffic in the next few months, while reducing the advertising costs or not wanting to send out emails which goes unread or ends up in the junk box.

The answer may be avoiding all of the traditional SEO marketing techniques by just simply offering better blog content to attract this traffic. This includes participating more frequently in the various social medium sites, such as, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and Twitter posts.

What the majority of the users on the Internet are becoming increasingly tired of is the constant bombardment of marketing material, referred to as banner blindness, and as a result, they begin ignoring anything that’s related to advertising.

So what the marketers need to do is begin emulating how humans behave and interact on the Internet, including how they think, learn, search, and shop. Doing so instead of constantly interrupting them is a start.

Burned Out By Marketing
Over the past few years, consumers have become completely immune to and burnt out by all of the various flashing and blinking ads. Advertising mediums such as Google Adwords has also become too expensive for most to use as well.


So instead, you have no other alternative than providing smart constructive blog posts which are relevant to the point, and doing so can attract new visitors which may turn into customers who convert.

Being successful now equates to developing new and constructive avenues which your creativity needs to explore, this instead of how much ad money you’re wanting to spend.

So listed are some ideas on increasing website traffic while improving the conversion rates, which is the number of visitors who expresses interest, either by purchasing a product or submitting for more information.

Become A Valued Web Destination
Create a snowball effect where everything begins to progress and pick up steam. The more that other bloggers and your social medium followers links back or “shares” your content, the higher that your site will end up in the natural search rankings.

So make it as easy as possible for everyone to spread information about your site. Begin by setting up an area on every page which offers a “share” link to all of the major social media sites. Then offer content which is fresh, unique, and as relevant as possible about information regarding your company, service, product, concern, or industry.

What you want to create are hundreds of inroads which leads in and out of your site. Create a gigantic hub landing strip that stops on your Facebook Page. Become the center of information on the Internet, and allow the momentum to build up.

Methods Of Attraction
There are two distinct steps which businesses should concentrate on to invite web traffic. The first is offering superior content, which includes blog postings, press releases, articles, infographics, etc. This will give your online visitors the reason to visit your site.

The other being context, which is knowing the nature of your visitors mindset, so you can convince them to take some form of “action” which you want, such as purchasing your product, or they submitting their email address.

This is accomplished by knowing beforehand the searches that they’ve performed, the previous pages that they’ve visited, along with other pertinent data which you can use to better tailor your marketing message.

Make Your Content As Important As Possible
Each and every one of your posts that you offer needs to enclose the entire package. It needs to entertain, educate, be fresh while being easy to consume.


Make sure that you also sell the topic of the article with a sharp concise headline. Every article which you post needs to have a jaw dropping, attention grabbing, movie poster type of headline to have any effect.

So if your target market is mechanical engineers, for instance, then you need to provide the very best possible blog posts specific for captivating mechanical engineers. This will then invite new readers, which replenishes your list, while inviting the established ones to come back for new information.

Once this is executed properly, any article or white paper that you write can become a magnet for traffic, both in the short and long term, as your readers will link back to it, which increases your site’s overall ranking.

Know What Your Audience Is Telling You
As you generate more searches and attract visitors to read the content on your site, knowing their behavior before and after they leave your site gives you clues regarding the type of product or service that they’re looking for.

The web giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon uses algorithm which are able to extract the users’ previous browsing history and habits, this right before they reach their site. This way, they’re able to suggest which other sites, movies, books, ads, etc., that they might like.

The more that they use these major sites, the more of a footprint they’ll leave, and the more personalized that it gets. What all this then focuses on is the exact object of your desires which you’re seeking, and that’s improving your Conversion rates, leading towards a customer wanting exactly what you offer.


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