How To Recognize Someone With A Personality Disorder

This in the hopes as we grow older into full-fledged adults, we do so gracefully with dignity. We all hope to mature into full ripe perfection, and adjust our personality and aptitude to our particular human condition, while adjusting to the nuances we may carry.

One theory is we’re all born with a clean slate, no residue or karma. The writing on these slates are drawn in “chalk” early in our lives. As a result they can be easily modified and rewritten.

It’s thought our true personalities, won’t be etched into stone until we’re at least 30 years old.

Then there are others who suggests the early signs of psychopathic behaviour, can be revealed in children as young as two years old.

Signs Of A Personality Disorder

There are certain reveals of a personality disorder when young, such as bullying siblings or other children, abusing pets, or engaging in minor petty thievery.

What appears is a nice cool calm surface of a nice person, but what’s bubbling underneath is a brew of anger and deceit.

Once crossed or stressed is when the fangs come out, which reveals a glimpse of their true personality.

They tell lies to themselves first, as they put on a brave face, as their subtle charm will seduce your weaknesses.

You would then initially be reluctant to view this person, as anything but nice. Then they reveal their dark side.

The Psychopaths Among Us

Not all those with personality disorders are pathological. What they do is blend it in with their persona. If someone is passive aggressive, then that’s how they’ll react to spew their venom.

The standard clinical definition of a psychopath, is someone who intentionally commits acts that harm others. From emotional to physical damage, while showing no remorse.

They’re incapable of showing any type of empathy once challenged, when engaging in impulsive behaviour. They do so while manipulating others to get their way.

What they do is hide their pain well, as they could of been victims of bullying or abuse themselves. They have a silent agenda to seek revenge on those who harmed them.

They are scattered among us. They could be sitting right beside you having lunch, they could be committing cyber crime.

Degrees Of Personality Disorder Traits

Hollywood and the media for shock value, as usual, will paint excessive profiles. Such as all psychopaths and sociopaths are deranged introverts, who hides in their moms basement.

But the spectrum of their personalities are wide and deep. They come from all walks of life, and will express their wrath differently.


Most are classified as having antisocial personality disorder, which stems from a variety of genetic along with environmental factors.

As a result, they’re always not easy to spot. They’re often likeable, until their fangs come out.

Over time as you get to know them, what they do is expose their true nature, as they display signs of entitled behaviour.

Wow Are You Ever Charming

Most are charming and well liked by many. They come across as delightful personable people in the short-term, who’s great at making conversation, as they’re refined at small talk.

Their seemingly easy personality draws people to them. At times they’re great listeners while having interesting stories to tell.

What their convincing persona and yarn does, is portrays them in a favourable believable light.

Most will walk away from having conversations with someone with a personality disorder, feeling enlightened.

Lack Of Remorse

Then their dark shadows begin to appear. Traits include an absolute lack of guilt, which is usually the first red flag, which signals something isn’t right with that person.

What they’re not capable of, is feeling any type of genuine guilt or remorse towards anyone. It’s me, myself and I.

They won’t accept any type of responsibility, for hurting the feelings of people they torment, especially those who cares about or loves them.

What they do instead, is blame everyone but themselves, while avoiding any type of empathy. What they might say, is their target deserved to be treated poorly.

Or, they’ll just shrug it off, ignore, clam up, or dismiss they’ve offended someone.

They do so by saying, “She’s too sensitive,” or “He just can’t handle the truth,” which just feeds their ego.

They Can Become Arrogant

Initially, they’re usually nice and pleasant to talk to. But once you cross the line, flick their “switch” is when the insanity comes out. What they have is an inflated sense of importance.

Bordering on being a narcissist, what they think is all the usual rules don’t apply to them, while consciously knowing they’re wrong.

What they have are grandiose ideas about who they are, or what their potential is, all in the tiny domain they rule.

They believe they deserve accolades, that they’re always right and convinced they’re perfect in everything they attempt to do.

Can Be Daring

The polar end of the fully blown and exposed psychopath, is they can have little regard for safety. This especially when it comes to others.

The passive ones will steal, cheat, and lie to themselves, while the aggressive ones do so to others. This behaviour either way, can become extremely toxic.

For those engaged in illegal activity, will plan their crimes in advance, taking a crafty calculated approach.

Their misconduct, either internally or externally, is usually well-organized, and they’ll leave a few clues behind.

The intelligent psychopaths can be great con artists, while the passive dull ones just emotionally hurt others, while being in denial.

They Are Manipulators

What they don’t feel is any type of emotion or empathy towards anyone. This could be their parents, friends, spouse, coworkers and even their children.

What they’re really good at, is reading and manipulating the emotions of others in the short term. Then once they’re questioned, they’ll either ignore you, get angry or move on.

They may subtly flatter you, as they’re gifted in the art of the gab. They’re capable of gaining sympathy to get what they want.

The profile of someone with a personality disorder such as a psychopath are varied, so be aware as they can set up a web of deceit around you.

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