Women Are Always Right Because Men Don’t Think The Same

Well duh, because our brains are wired differently. Early in life, we as children go to school and enter the classroom for the first time. There’s a divide, girls think boys are icky, boys think girls are weird, there’s no melding of the minds. Genders think differently, abstractly different.

These differences when it comes to gender, extend far beyond the school playground during recess, far beyond where the eye and mind can realize.

What research has provided, is a reveal of the major distinguishing factors on how differently our brains function. How we view the world and one other.

Social scientists have subdivided and determined, there are several primary unique cognitive differences in the wiring of our brains.

This influences our thinking when it comes to the same subject. The structure, its process, activity, and chemical nature are all distinct.

Why Me Different

The differences of the brains in their specific regions, are common with every individual throughout the world, regardless of culture or color.

It’s been discovered however there are certain exceptions, to the so-called gender rule.

We know some boys can be extremely sensitive, or become immensely talkative about their feelings. We know certain girls who are bold and aggressive.

Some boys and girls stray from their general generic stereotypes, and not want to dissect frogs or play with dolls. This wiring is thought to be predetermined before birth.

With these differences in gender behavior, they’re usually simplified differences in the functioning of the brain.

So it becomes important to know boys and girls have their good and bad points.

The Differences In Brain Structure

There’s a number of structural elements which differ in the brains of boys and girls.

This structure refers to the actual physical parts of the brain, how they’re built, which includes their mass, size, weight, etc.

Girls will often have a bigger hippocampus, which is our human memory center. Girls also generally have a higher density of neural connections which leads into the hippocampus.

This results in females tending to self input or absorb more emotions than males will, this externally and from the five senses.

When observing the behavior of both women and men. Women will always sense, observe a lot more of what’s happening around them during the day, while retaining more sensorial information.


The Path Of Our Brains

Before we’re born, once our sex is determined, our brains will begin developing different hemispheric divisions.

The right and left hemispheres of the brains develop differently, usually to the sex protocol.

For instance, boys will develop verbal centers on the left hemisphere of their brains, while girls will have verbal centers on both sides.

This is considered significant and the reason why girls tend to talk more, be more dramatic, use more words when discussing incidents, people, stories, feelings, or places.

Boys have less verbal centers as well as less connectivity tissue between their memories, feelings, and word centers.

When it comes to talking about emotions and feelings, girls have the advantage.

We Process Information Differently

The brains of boys utilizes significantly more gray matter for activity, up to 7X times more.

The brains of girls utilizes close to 10X times more white matter.

This matters because the gray matter areas of the brain are considered more localized. They are the action and information processing functions in a specific area of the brain.

This translates into a kind of directed focus whenever we do something local, as in immediately.

Once we’re deeply engaged in doing a task or playing a game, what’s lost is sensitivity to what others are doing including their surroundings. This the advantage to men.

The white matter in the brain is the networking grid which connects the gray matter, along with the other processing centers bonding them together.

This difference in brain processing, is the reason why girls are able to transition better between tasks more than boys can.

The difference in gray and white matter composition explains why once we’re adults, females are better organized, better multi-taskers.

Men on the other hand, can generally focus on single highly tasked projects better.

The Activities Are Different

For girls, there’s more blood flow in the brain because of the white matter processing.

There’s usually more concentration in the area of the brain known as the cingulate gyrus, which promotes emotional memories.

Men will tend to reflect less emotionally, won’t dwell, and move onto the next task quicker, such as having more affairs.

Men will rather choose to change their course and do something that’s totally unrelated to their feelings, rather than analyzing them.

This is the reason why girls think most boys are insensitive and can be crude, mean, blunt, as they avoid feelings when compared to their girl counterparts.

What boys will do is independently process problems, and move on to the next task quicker.

The Different Use Of Chemicals

Both brains have the identical neurochemicals, but will process them differently because of their gender specific brain and body connections.

One dominant neurochemical is serotonin, which keeps us still and calm.

Others include testosterone, which is the aggression chemical, estrogen, which is the female reproductive chemical, and oxytocin, which is the bonding and relationship chemical.

We process these chemicals differently. Boys generally won’t sit still for long, while girls will tend to be more impulsive and verbally aggressive.

Boys will process less oxytocin, the bonding chemical than girls will. Testosterone is strict while estrogen is moody.

The biggest difference in chemistry, is boys will use different strategies for the release of stress than girls will. Men will find an outlet, while girls will sulk.

Because Men Think Differently

These are just small instances of why boys and girls think differently.

It’s been discovered there are more than a hundred different gender specific differences, reasons in brain thinking.

These gender differences offers greater appreciation of how different we actually are.

This also dictates how differently we can parent, support, and educate our kids better when they’re young.

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