I Love Sleeping Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation

trytogetmoresleepandworkharderNow this is a topic that we can all agree with, trying to get more sleep and rest, as we attempt to find ways and excuses to prolong it. There is a vast majority of us who tend to push the limits when it comes to that peaceful easy sleep. But we all at times however decide and like to stay up late by either watching TV, deciding to work late hours, surf the Internet until 2AM or have a night out on the town.

But the problem with these types of activities which may be common nocturnal habits is that they will typically rob our bodies of the precious time that it needs to detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate and repair our cells. The result at the end of the night is what’s known as chronic sleep debt. The body is able to endure this sleep debt for a while, but only for so long until it catches up to you. So if this sleep debt goes on and remains unpaid, we will eventually suffer as well as experience the tiring effects of physical and mental bankruptcy.

So getting deep undisturbed peaceful sleep every night, with your window in your bedroom slightly open if possible, allowing for fresh air, is absolutely one of the best things that you can do for your recovery, health and the complete regeneration of the central nervous system. Getting insufficient rest will cause fatigue as well as compromising your productivity. It’s also a proven fact the depriving yourself of sleep can also result in personality shifts, resulting in creating problems in your relationships, while contributing to mild memory loss as well!

You And Sleep Disturbances
If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, you are obviously going to feel a bit tired the next day. Tests has proven that sleep disturbance may be a common response to the changes in our lives, such as turmoil at the workplace or induced anxiety as a response to experiencing stress.

For many of us, normal sleeping patterns will return directly after whatever the problem is during the day or after the source of the worry dissipates or improves. There is really no concrete or surefire way on how much sleep is enough, but to be at peak efficiency with a good sense of vitality, most adults will need around 7.5 hours of sleep each night. Some can function and be fully rested on as little as 5 hours per night, while others will perform ‘top notch’ on 9 or even 10 hours per night.

Some people actually hate going to sleep. What? They feel that sleeping is a waste of time as you have heard numerous times… “I will sleep when I’m dead.” Perhaps, whether you like it or not, sleeping is a necessity to achieve balance as well as restoration. A good nights sleep will prepare us for a new and exciting day that’s ahead. Sleep will provide vital nourishment and food to the nervous system, relaxes and rebuilds our muscles and rests and will recalibrate the mind. Our bodies and muscles requires adequate sleep and rest to be able to maintain optimum health as well as vitality.

Ways To A Good Peaceful Sleep
There are many who happen to have a bit of trouble falling asleep at night. If you happen to be one of them, and already tried counting sheep, then take note of the following tips which may be able to help you to getting a more restful sleep.

Try to incorporate some of these techniques into your daily life
• Avoid excessive alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes, avoid sugar or rich foods right before going to bed
• Eat a wholesome healthy diet, as well as a routine brisk exercise program which promotes healthy fatigue, giving you a natural inclination to fall asleep
• Try taking a nice hot bath with relaxing bubbles or essential oils right before bedtime
• Don’t exercise or workout directly before going to sleep, as exercising is stimulating, it will keep you up instead
• Make and keep your bedroom as quiet as possible, keep it dark, comfortable, cozy, making it a peaceful and restful well ventilate place to sleep
• Relaxation methods such as meditation or yoga provides for peace of mind
• There are many proven and well know natural sleep remedies that may be able to enhance the quality of your sleep. Natural sources such as: Calms Forté, kava kava, chamomile tea, valerian root, calcium, melatonin, magnesium, certain Chinese herbs as well as Bach Flower
• Try to go to bed at exactly the same time each and every night, our bodies behave better and love routine

By combining the synergy that these tips provide, going to bed and sleeping well, will turn into a positive ritual.

Growth Hormones Are The Essential Fountain of Youth
We have all heard of REM sleep and how important it is, but did you also know that deep REM sleeping also provides a growth hormone stimulus (GH) release? This growth hormone is secreted directly from the pituitary gland, which promotes for overall strength as well as vitality. GH will stimulate growth in body tissue, including the bones, the muscles and every organ as well. Unlike other hormones, GH has a universal effect throughout the entire body. GH is the most active during our childhood years as well as during puberty, but is unfortunately followed by a sudden reduction in our adult years. Observing this decline is based on studies of primarily the Western culture and population, or who may also be overweight or sedentary. So do you see the pattern and connection here?

A good sleep is vitally essential towards the management of our bodies composition as well as weight. During our sleep, we will naturally release GH in ‘pulse’ rhythmic cycles, which acts to reorganizing and then restoring the basic structure of our being.
For Example: Let’s say that our mind and our body is a library which is filled with lots of books which are scattered on the floor as well as the tables in a complete state of disarray and chaos. It would then be extremely difficult to be able to find the exact book that you are looking for, and this could lead to frustration or anxiety, especially if you happened to be short on time.

But instead, imagine you walking into a same library where all of the books are organized on shelves as well as in alphabetical order. The environment is neat and comfortable for finding the exact book that you are looking for quickly as well as efficiently. So the less stress, the less cortisol release.

What Is Cortisol
Adequate sleep will improve one’s cortisol chemistry and it’s balance. Cortisol is released directly from the adrenal glands when we are under stress, and excess cortisol is released during prolonged emotional or mental states of stress, which will ruin the make up of the body as well as weakening the immune system. During our sleep, the adrenals are all at rest.

If there is any anger, guilt, fear, blame, jealousy or resentment in our lives, and is keeping you awake at night, then just let it go! Try to ensure a peaceful body and mind before and as you drift off to sleep, which is never easy to do. But as someone once said, “I am just too damn tired to think about that right now, I will think about it in the morning.”

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