If You Need To Gain Weight Eat These Natural Healthy Foods

eating cheese to gain weightWhat’s become an epidemic in this country is that most are wanting to lose weight and quick, discard a bit of belly flab. But what if you’re one who needs to gain a bit of weight, add poundage and you’re wanting to do so as healthy and natural as possible.

Some are just naturally petite and they struggle to keep up their weigh, so they feel the need to beef up a bit. Another reason is that some healthy individuals have difficulty keeping their weight up because of a fast burning metabolism, so they can’t gain weight.

For these people, adding on a few extra pounds becomes difficult so they struggle to find new ways which can make all the difference. Having a body weight that’s too low for their frame can potentially cause organ damage along with bone density loss.

There are also those who may be recovering from an eating disorder and may be looking to learn how to gain healthy weight naturally. Although it’s true that loading up on soda, gulping down french fries and donuts all day long will make you gain weight, but most know this isn’t the solution.

The consequences is that your body will feel the side effects and suffer if not nourished properly. The best way to gain this body weight is by eating whole natural foods while paying strict attention to caloric intake.

The Proper Foods To Eat For Natural Weight Gain
Drinking More Whole Fat Milk – One easy substitution if you enjoy drinking milk is swapping skim milk for more natural whole milk. Know that the fat that’s in the milk, the vitamins along with its nutrients will remain. Whole milk is also higher in vitamins A and D.

So to add pounds, make sure that you include whole milk in your diet when you’re having cereal, oatmeal, making sauces, or as a cool refreshing beverage. Including cream in your coffee is good as well.


Butter It Up – Nothing really beats the taste of natural butter when it comes to cooking. It offers full flavor along with good calories. But butter does contain saturated fats, so enjoy in moderation.

Another excellent option is by adding ghee into your diet, which is ultra-clarified butter. It’s completely safe to use when cooking at high temperatures, and unlike butter it won’t burn. So enjoy your eggs which are fried in either butter or ghee for a tasty nutritious and filling breakfast.

Choosing More Cheese – Cheese of different varieties is a favorite tasty food source. You can add the delicious taste of cheese into almost any dish to flavor it up. It also offers the nutritional benefits which all milk products do.

The majority of cheeses are usually high in fat, making it an excellent food product when looking to gain weight. Cheeses will come in a lot of different varieties, so pairing a particular cheese with your meal is a great experience.

So go ahead and try Swiss cheese on chicken or turkey, a wholesome cheddar cheese omelet, freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top of asparagus. On its own, it also provides for a great snack since it’s high in protein.

Eating More Whole Wheat Bread – Eating bread products which are naturally baked is an excellent way of gaining weight. If you include bread in your diet, look for the best whole grain variety.

Although white bread may be what you grew up with, know that it’s not always the healthiest. This since the wheat is extensively refined and what’s stripped away are all the nutrients. So instead, choose the whole grain varieties as what they contain are plenty of minerals and fiber which are missing in the whites, which also keeps you fuller longer.

The Case For Potatoes – One of the first foods that most will cut out when attempting to lose weight are carbohydrates. So when gaining weight, you need to introduce them back into your diet.


The key is choosing carbs which have nutritional value. So eating potatoes are an excellent choice since they’re also high in protein, fiber, and vitamin C. Potatoes especially with the skin on offers the best nutrition, as once you peel them half of the protein is removed.

A Variety Of Nuts – Nuts are a tasty and excellent snack for gaining weight. They’re full of healthy fats and nutrients, while containing high amounts of fiber.

Eating a handful of nuts can also keep you full for hours. Know that not all of the nut varieties contain equal amounts of fiber. Almonds for instance is an excellent choice, while macadamia is extremely high in fat.

Mixed nuts are also a great snack since you can get the nutritional benefits from a variety of sources. So make sure that you add nuts to your foods such as in salads, or as a breakfast topping on oatmeal or cereal.

Granola Is Great – Granola as a cereal is tasty and an excellent source when attempting to gain weight. They’re usually made from a combination of rolled oats, butter, honey or sugar. You can then add nuts and dried fruits to the mix.

You can buy natural healthy granola that’s pre-made, but it’s also extremely easy to make at home as well. You can enhance the granola when topping it with plain thick yogurt, or drizzle on more honey.

This breakfast then produces an excellent source of protein from the yogurt, fiber from the oatmeal, and healthy sugar from the fruit and honey.

Eating More Tropical Fruits – Eating the “good” sugar sweet tropical fruits will pack pounds on your frame. The fruits from a foreign land, such as: bananas, papaya, mango and pineapples are excellent tasty choices.

They’re all full of natural sugars which will also pump up your energy. So make sure that you add servings of these fresh fruits directly into your diet. It’s a well known fact that no one has ever gotten fat or overdosed from eating too much fresh fruit. So don’t worry about eating lots of it.

If you find it hard to eat the prescribed servings of fruits and vegetables daily, you can then always blend them into a delicious refreshing smoothie which will help you to gain weight as well.

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