If Your Thinking Of Going Freelance Know The Advantages

showing your independence as a freelancerThe intent of any business is providing the best quality material, product, or service that’s possible, or filling in the various personnel holes the best that they can. This at times can become a major feat especially when it comes to small business economics.

To accomplish these tasks, and if your in-house resources aren’t capable of fulfilling these critical needs, then outsourcing these services, by hiring reliable and quality freelancers who have the expertise in your industry, may be your best solution.

In order to do so, the majority of small business owners and marketers will usually refer to all of the known sources of industrial brokers, or the usual online freelance platforms. Doing so however can usually offer mixed or unsatisfactory results.

While most of these sources are adequate to do the job, or they’re cost effective enough to fill your needs, which fits into your value based projects, you’re not able to rely on these sources for bigger projects, or they’re not ideal for other purposes where structured or more authoritative assistance is required.

So you’re wondering where to find the best quality freelancers at affordable prices, who can produce excellent quality results, then it’s recommended that you not follow these conventional models.

The Economy Is Going Micro
The current economy when it comes to the workplace environment is going extremely global, and completely micro. As a result, there are more individuals than ever before who are jumping on the independence train.

As they take their talents solo, the workers are beginning to detach themselves from the corporate environment and taking the risk of becoming totally self sufficient, and freelancing themselves out.


Regardless of your background, outsourcing your talent, service, or skill has been a growing trend for awhile, this especially because of the convenience of the online world.

Hiring Freelancers From The Perspective Of The Business Owner
You as a small business owner will usually take pride that you’ve assembled the best, most efficient group of extremely capable employees. They listen well and will do exactly as you say, which turns your business profitable.

But the biggest expense of your profit remains paying these employee salaries, which also includes those unproductive times, but in return, they’re extremely loyal to you.

Outsourcing To Fill Various Tasks
So if you’re looking at potentially outsourcing your work as an alternative, hiring freelancers to improve your bottom line or to get a specific task done, which allows you to focus on your other projects, then doing so may offer the best results.

But know that there are certain risks associated with hiring freelancers, such as, the freelancer may take clients away from you, or “steal” any proprietary information that you may own.

But usually, freelancers, since they have extensive experience and work with others within the industry, they can also lend their cross reference expertise, allowing you to gain more professional or business advice to help your company grow.

So because of this, it’s advised that you give these freelancers enough rope to evolve and prove themselves, but make sure you keep an eye on them, especially if they’re new.

Consultants A Different Breed
As a business owner, what you want is just the best for the most affordable cost. There are times when you have untested strategies, or are wanting advisory reports, and you don’t have the time or the knowledge to execute them yourself, what you may then need is a consultant instead.

Consultants will usually have more specialized expertise and be able to translate your information or needs to grow your business, or train your employees. Freelancers, on the other hand, are more independent while offering more of a personal approach since they can be part of the bigger picture.

So You Want To Become A Freelancer
If you currently lend your services out as an employee, and have entertained the thought of going full fledged freelancing, then definitely give it further consideration.


The market is continuously expanding and evolving and is always in desperate need for experienced personnel who has refined knowledge, while offering practical services as well as business savvy.

To begin, start attending conferences and networking sessions, within your industry, with your “Freelance” or “Consultant” title, rather than you being an employee of a company. Doing so will eventually begin paying off once you do decide to go independent.

With a growing network being setup, new work shouldn’t be too far away. You can then begin setting yourself up to become an independent freelancer offering your services.

Make sure that you also communicate your intent clearly with your employer. Once you face them and you’re honest, your employer shouldn’t be shocked or offended, just disappointed of your intent.

Developing a good relationship can potentially help you in getting more work, or it can act as a backup plan if your freelance efforts happen to fall short.

Just Go For It
For the majority of professional individuals who are currently employed, for many, there resides an entrepreneur spark to go independent, be your own boss, but you’ll never know or realize it, if you’re not willing to give it a try.

Freelancers are plugging a hole which keeps the economy running as efficiently as possible. In the current economic setting where if big corporations, if they happen to stumble, and they need to rely on assistance, it’s the freelancers who are filling in the gaps, which keeps the businesses and economy running.


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