Using Flow To Activate The Freedom Of Living Your Own Life

What we all ultimately strive for is wealth, health and love, which leads to unconditional happiness in our lives. But what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve these things. What’s the formula to creating this peaceful serene calm, of inviting this joy in our lives.

The truth is, most often, what we need is to get out of your own way, as we’re the blockage for allowing more energy into our lives from the Universe.

At times, it comes down to less about what we do, and more about what our state of consciousness is.

What we often hear is “Go with the flow,” for good reason. This means aligning your life in it’s current context to carry you forward at the present moment.

Some think going with the flow means you’re soft, passive, a conformist or a pushover, or just lazy.

But reality is, it means becoming proactive while being receptive to whatever life throws your way. It ultimately means cooperating with life instead of fighting it.

Release Your Detrimental Willpower

Most think willpower is what makes us unique humans, which allows us to create the life we want for ourselves. Isn’t it our will after all, which is going to rock our world.

Although true, it’s human willpower which is also responsible for all the destruction we’ve seen in history, and more recently.

What needs to be separated is the willpower of the soul, and the willpower of the ego.

The ego willpower will do things for its own selfish pleasure. The soul willpower wants to do the things which benefits the collective consciousness.

Just Let Go

Once we surrender ourselves to the will of the greater good, the Universe, then we allow ourselves to become aligned.

We then allow ourselves to be guided by a force, which is much larger than our own personal mission.

We step into the flow, allow ourselves to become a conduit for whatever is in store for us.

Instead of using our ego willpower to satisfy our selfishness, we surrender to the Universe and create magic for ourselves.

Slow Down Your Beating Heart

Most at rapid speed will attempt to do too much too fast or too recklessly. The mind obsessively attempts to be as active and as productive as possible.

When we’re processing too fast, what we allow is life to pass us by, because we’re always projecting our awareness of a future event.


We then end up treating that moment as a means to an end, which creates conflict.

So what needs to be slowed down is our energy field, which then allows us to become a witness to our own mind.

It’s also not our soul that’s racing rapidly, it’s our mind going at warp speed which drags down our attention.

One Daze At A Time

What then happens is the mind begins to constantly anticipate, worry, and then project itself into a present moment that’s hypothetical.

If you’re lost in your mind, you’ll get lost in its pace. So slow down, relax, don’t allow your mind to drag you away from the present moment.

Once you align yourself is when the magic happens, when life unfolds in the present moment.

So adjust yourself to what’s happening right now by taking a deep breath, and that’s when the Universe will begin creating what you want in your life.

Invite Change In Your Life

The Universe is constantly evolving and has no plans to slowdown anytime soon. The stars, the sun, the moon, and all lifeforms.

We humans are part of this ever evolving Universe, and a key part of its evolution.

It’s the natural instinct of any life form, to constantly evolve and change with the flow.

We as humans however, are the only species on this earth that resists natural change to the forces.

We’re constantly resisting the aging process, relationships, jobs, living situations, friends, opportunities, habits, and different ways of thinking.

What we resist is the ever changing Universe to help us, as we’ll block it by getting in its way.

We represent the Universe in human form, yet we put up walls by living from our point of view.

Put Our Guards Down

When we resist, what we’re resisting is the same forces which created us in the first place, by saying “no.”

What we’re doing is turning away the fate which we’re entitled to in our life.

Once we start accepting reality and cooperate with it, then positive change will happen in our lives.

We allow the force of the Universe, to flow through our body and mind as an extension of itself, much like water does.

Then there’s not much else we need to do to feel alive, to feel “one” with ourselves and the Universe.

To be aligned with the world, begins with your own energetic state. The more you’re aligned with life, the more your life will flow.

Just Surrender To The Flow

What this points to is surrendering to the Universe, giving it vibrational permission to work through you while manifesting itself into your life.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is waiting to happen, but most often it’s “you” that gets in the way.

Remain mindful, as everything worthwhile in life will illuminate once you align your soul with the flow, and not your ego.

So slow down your mind and your heart, surrender your will to the Universal will, and work with the alterations that’s presented, without resistance.

Not only will you live a happier life by releasing yourself to the continuance, you’ll also attract and create what you want for yourself.

What you’re doing is showing the Universe you’ve set your ego aside, and are willing to evolve to a higher consciousness.

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