Is The Ultimate Cost Of Success Too High A Price To Pay

There was once a famous entrepreneur, a well known businessman of lore who when first starting out, admitted he was willing to do and pay whatever it took to gain, attain financial success. He sacrificed enjoyment of life, because making money to him was a higher priority.

This individual ended up a millionaire many times over, and recently reflected back on how he lived his life.

After his working life was over, in his older years, he felt remorse in regards to the life priorities he originally set out as a younger man.

In fact, he wrote in his memoirs: “I hate as well as regret the failures of my marriages, among other choices.”

“Looking back, I would gladly give up some of the millions I made, for just one successful and lasting loving relationship.”

Was It A Life Well Lived

Near the end of this gentleman’s life, with all of the prestige and the massive wealth he accumulated, it meant very little to him as he felt practically worthless.

Once we reach older age, that’s when we’ll reflect back on our lives, and look at the choices we’ve made.

All of the experiences, the successes and failures, the sacrifices and the crossroads, the ones which were painful.

For many, what ultimately mattered wasn’t the money they’ve accumulated, but rather the lifelong friendships they were able to bond.

So despite this particular man’s many accomplishments, and there were many, he passed away full of regret on his mattress made of money.

The Story Of Your Life

It may also become a regretful remembrance once you reflect back on your own life, regardless if you were successful or not.

It becomes a cautionary tale for those who may of chosen to make a successful career their highest priority, and nothing else mattered.

To make this strict sacrifice, you’ve relegated potential true loving relationships and friendships, and issued them towards a lower priority status.

It then becomes our own peril, once we decide to neglect any form of human connection.

We have no idea what love is, as we throw whatever emotion is left over at it, once exhausting all our energy towards the pursuit of money.

Many of us have burnt out our lives at the workplace. You decide to place your loved ones on the back burner, then it becomes too late.


The Patience Of The Unloved

Our partners and our kids may be patient during these times of wealth accumulation, as “mommy or daddy is busy at work.”

The years however turn into decades when we have our noses planted in the rat race, attempting to build a strong and noble financial foundation.

Even through all the difficult and trying of times, and certainly there are many, most fail to pay attention to the needs of properly maintaining their relationships.

Doing so pretty much guarantees there will be a breakdown in communication creating dysfunction, which increases the likelihood of separation or divorce.

It’s been proven even the strongest of relationships can and will eventually erode, and at times become irreversible if adequate care and attention isn’t provided.

Like any other living organism in life, all relationships require ongoing nurturing, caring and dedicated attention in order for it to grow and thrive.

While tolerance is possible for brief periods of neglect, when in times of crisis are the rare occurrences when the foundation becomes salvageable.

The Marital Bliss-less

For those who are experts and comments on marital interaction, they have all stated the primary failure of relationships, is neglect of one another.

This other than any other conflict such as being unfaithful, which might be a consequence.

Even the strongest of marriages will eventually have their periods of irreconcilable differences, which on occasion needs to be addressed to be resolved.

The act of constantly addressing as well as acknowledging them respectfully, is a bonding act which strengthens the marital union, even if there’s no true resolution.

Once we fail to bring affection in its various forms to our relationships, the risks which are exposed are far greater than realized.

At times, once we see the end of a relationship nearing and before it’s too late, if we’re able and willing to act quickly enough, we can put a stop to it.

Then not only can we potentially save our relationship, we can also restore it to a higher degree of integrity.

The majority of us has personally experienced how these types of crises can potentially make our relationships stronger.

This becomes knowing where the exact turning points of a relationship falling apart are, pinpointing where they’ve become fractured, and then correcting them.

To Keep The Focus

In our hyper and quickly accelerating materialistic society we live in, it’s easy to just drive ourselves off the road, by becoming distracted by temptation.

Some of us might become lost in our own obsessive quest for more happiness and security, and believe materialistic success is the ultimate end game.

It comes down to avoiding all of the pitfalls, such as proper orientation which requires great clarity regarding what truly matters.

The ability to be able to stay faithful on a course which honours our deepest values.

A Life Well Lived

There are lessons that can be learned from those who’ve previously neglected valuable life experiences themselves, including all the failures and successes.

The ultimate confessions of regret, which may be a plea or advice to us to avoid making the same mistakes which were made in their lives.

Perhaps we can then ultimately arrive towards the upper echelons of our lives, with more love and gratitude.

Once we do, then the final amount of our net worth would not matter as much.

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