How Learning To Forgive Others Removes Restrains Of The Past

It’s up to you to get past your ego and choose to forgive, otherwise you’re being a prisoner of your past. It holds you back from reaching your true potential. Let go of the burden of shame on your shoulders, the grudges and the revenge you hold, becoming a victim of your emotions.

All this does is impedes your forward progress. What you release is the power to heal yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, which will set you free.

By carrying resentment and old hurts of the past, you’re just harming yourself, more than those who you perceive did the hurting. Not being able to forgive is what’s holding you back.

Most major health issues occur, and are resolved because of emotional issues. Anxiety and destroyed relationships are caused from carrying resentment and bitterness, which stems from not forgiving.

Deciding To Forgive

This forgiveness needs to be relieved without resentment, and in total honesty. It needs to be completely genuine, or else it’s not truly forgiven. You’re just fooling yourself, if you don’t truly forgive from the heart.

At times, the person you’re holding a grudge against, doesn’t know they did anything wrong. Forgive them anyways. We all have choices we make in life, and it’s their choice not to feel responsible.

Self-empowerment is taking care of yourself, doing things for yourself. You don”t need the permission of someone else to heal yourself.

Take back your power by forgiving them, rid of the bad energy and move on with your life.

Just Move On

You don’t need their acknowledgement or notice, for you to forgive them. This is something you owe to yourself. You’re only responsible for your own healing.

Once you do decide to forgive someone, a higher part of their being knows and then accepts your forgiveness. So in essence, you’re subconsciously helping the other person, by your unselfish act of forgiving them.

And because that person isn’t taking responsibility for their involvement, they’ll remain stuck in their life where they’re at. But like anything else in life, they’ll hopefully evolve when the time is right for them.

Buried Pain

There’s a lot of hurt and pain, that’s buried deep within our subconscious mind. We don’t remember them, therefore we feel we’re free of them, which isn’t true.

This hurt and pain, is energetic memory that’s stored and forgotten deep within our being, yet it runs our lives. It’s a silent tape recorder that keeps replaying over and over, one that stifles our growth and holds us in victim mode.

Forgiving is something you need to do, to heal yourself physically, to leave “victim” consciousness behind, and raise your vibration. Then you can move forward in your life.

Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re accepting the other person’s behaviour. All you’re doing is just releasing the harmful energies that’s overcasting your personal health and well being, rather than letting them off the hook.

When you hold on to the pain, resentment and fear, you’re just surrendering to the person who did the hurting. If you don’t forgive this person and yourself, you’re allowing subconscious programming to run your life.


Steps To Forgive

If you’re ready to heal yourself, ready to forgive everyone who’s ever done you wrong, you can do so by following a series of steps, to free yourself.

1.) – Find a quiet sacred space, sit down and write a list. Go back into your memory, and start writing down every single person, you feel has created any type of pain, hurt, or suffering in your life.
2.) – Go right back to the beginning. Think of your parents, siblings, relatives, schoolmates and neighbours. Without judgment, write down every single name that comes to mind.
3.) – Once you feel your list is complete, go back again and start a new list of those you feel you hurt yourself, either intentionally or unintentionally.
4.) – It’s your life, so be as honest with yourself as possible. Keep in mind it’s you and only you who’s doing the suffering, by not taking responsibility for your own actions.
5.) – Once you’re finished, start at the top of the list, and for each person say: “I forgive (name) and I forgive you now. I release all karmic energy we’ve shared together in all directions of time. I send you love and bless you on your way. I call upon the power of the universe, to cut any and all psychic cords between myself and (name) now.”
6.) – Feel these psychic cords then becoming severed, lifted, loved, healed, released and let go into the universe. ” I therefore completely accept the healing of my relationship with (name) now. Thank you!”

No One Ever Is To Blame

This may take awhile, but it’s extremely effective. Free yourself and then move on with your life.

If you feel there’s someone you have a difficult time forgiving, then go back and repeat the affirmation on a daily basis, until you feel you’ve forgiven them and yourself completely.

Also know just because you’ve decided to forgive someone for their part, doesn’t mean you need to resume any type of relationship with this person, especially it it’s been severed.

All you’re doing is forgiving, freeing yourself, so just move on.

Other extremely powerful ways to free yourself by forgiving someone, is through mental energy work, such as meditation and visualization, one’s which work specifically to deprogram your subconscious mind.

What you now have is the power within you to change your life, so decide who you want to forgive right now.

Keep in mind all you’re doing is cleansing your soul, so you could move on with your life, from someone who’s holding you back.