Natural Remedies To Avoid Colds And The Flu This Season

howtonaturallyavoidcoldsThis approaching that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere where the weather shifts minus and the selection of colds and flu’s become viral. The best known cure for avoiding this is by building up your immunity while avoiding areas where virus’s and bacteria is common.

It’s important to pay close attention to strengthening our immune systems as naturally as possible. It’s been proven that by using certain herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies can effectively help in building up resistance, remaining healthy.

If you do happen to catch a bug of some type or about to, the following natural remedies can help in relieving the symptoms, while also shortening the duration and the severity of the infection.

The Importance Of The Daily Diet
What the majority of people don’t realize is how their daily diet has a significant effect on their immune system. If you or your family are constantly eating sweets, junk food, processed foods, regularly drinking sweet beverages or soda, what you’re doing is constantly pounding your immunity, making you more likely to catch a virus.

Just consuming one teaspoon of sugar (a soda has up to 9 tbsp.) can weaken your immune system for around 4 hours. This leaving you defenseless and the main reason why most will have difficulty fighting off colds.

The solution is eating more vegetables, at least 5 servings a day. This along with eggs for breakfast, steamed or baked asparagus, spinach, squash and a few slices of tomato.

Instead of a burger, try having a dark leafy green salad for lunch, and at least two different servings of vegetables with dinner. Eating fresh fruit also bolsters natural vitamin C which helps in building resistance.


Fresh berries if available are recommended, but what frozen and freezing berries does is they’ll break their cell walls while releasing more color pigments, which contains the beneficial bioflavanoids.

During the cold season, try avoiding white flour, sugar based cereals, baked goods, store bought cakes, cookies, and candy. You’ll feel a lot stronger as a result.

The Importance Of Natural Vitamins
It becomes important to take a good quality plant and not a synthetic based multivitamin on a daily basis. What this supplies you with are the essentials which you need to keep the body healthy. They contain vitamins, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, and much more. Make sure they’re easily soluble.

Eating garlic or taking odorless garlic capsules will help in fighting viral and bacterial infections. Bee propolis is known as natural “penicillin,” and is often found naturally in select vitamin supplements.

The Consumption Of Natural Herbals
It’s recommended that Super Antioxidants be taken on a daily basis, not because they’ll help in reducing the signs of aging, aches, and pains, but also improves the immune system. It’s thought that they’re up to 50 times more potent than Vitamins C and E.

• Taking Echinacea (purple coneflower) herbal extract on a regular basis is known to help in avoiding or reducing the severity and the duration of viral illnesses. It’s recommended you take up to 40 drops for adults, 4-6 times a day at the onset of a cold, which can help to avoid it completely.

• Olive Leaf extract is another proven and a yet more powerful solution than penicillin, this when it comes to fighting upper respiratory and strep throat infections.

Those with autoimmune diseases can consider Astragalus instead of Echinacea which strengthens the spleen as well as the immune system.

Oil of Oregano
Full strength high quality Oil of Oregano is an extremely powerful agent which fights against bacterial, parasitic, viral, and fungal infections. It’s known as an extremely potent general tonic and immune stimulant.

They come in capsule or pure oil form where you can place a couple drops under the tongue, which immediately enters into the blood stream and lymph system. Up to 5 drops can be placed in juice or honey and then be taken several times a day for best effect. Doing so is one of the best known defenses to fight the flu.


The Therapeutic Value Of Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver is excellent for anti-viral protection. It’s a proven source for avoiding or reducing the symptoms of colds and the flu. When taken daily, what Colloidal Silver does is it acts as an optimal immune system supporter, helping the body fight disease.

Tests show that there’s no known effects from the use of Colloidal Silver, and there’s no recorded cases of interaction with any other medication. The body also doesn’t develop a tolerance to Colloidal Silver, and there’s no known allergic reactions which has been reported.

How Colloidal Silver Works
What the presence of Colloidal Silver does is it disables the oxygen-metabolism enzyme of the infection. So within a few minutes, the viral intruder suffocates and dies, and then clears out of the body via the immune and lymphatic systems.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which are known to destroy beneficial enzymes, Colloidal Silver will leave these tissue-cell enzymes intact. Colloidal Silver is known to be completely safe for humans, plants, and any other forms of multi-celled living matter.

Regular And Routine Exercise
What regular and routine daily exercise along with fresh crisp air and plenty of water does is it keeps the immune system strong and the lymph active. So go out for a brisk walk, take yoga or pilate classes, as just 20 minutes a day will resist viral infection.

Make sure that when it’s cold outdoors that you always wear a hat to retain heat. Always get plenty of sleep while practicing relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Keeping yourself as naturally strong and healthy as possible not only protects you from colds and the flu, but other ailments as well.


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